Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunday's Breakfast Of Champions!

I am just so so excited! Let me tell you what I am making for Sunday morning breakfast! Fresh, made from scratch buttermilk biscuits, eggs from our chickens, and my homemade grape jelly! It feels soooo completely awesome to know our whole meal will be basically all "homegrown and homemade"!
I made the biscuits tonight instead of in the morning because Sunday mornings for us can be a bit hurried and crazy I wanted to make sure I had them made. I will probably heat them quickly tomorrow and have jelly and eggs with them!!! YUM...(the only bad part...I probably won't eat the is 4 whole points...plain!ACK! LOL) But it will feel good knowing Chris and the kids enjoyed it!
And no...we won't be eating 4 dozen eggs all at one sitting....I just wanted everyone to see the Egg Washer Pro's accomplishments...(me....LOL). I wash ALOT of eggs...and although I don't enjoy it....I am sooo loving the fresh eggs!

Please, don't misunderstand my excitement as haughtiness. I buy TONS of stuff at the grocery store...LOL. I don't think I am any better because I homemake some things...I just enjoy doing it. That's all! I do think homemaking things and having the ability to do so is such a blessing. It makes me feel like the homemaker that God made me to be. It just fulfills me to be able to do things extra for my family when I can. Trust me, I am lacking in many many other ways! LOL So please never take my sharing with you or excitement for things as anything other than just that!

***I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday with your families! We will get up, eat breakfast, get ready and go to sunday school and church and then come home to make a cake. Tomorrow is my sister, Devon's, birthday! My mom is having a picnic in the evening and I said I would bring a cake (and a healthy alternative for us doing WW). So a busy, yet wonderful day celebrating my sister's life! :) If you get a chance...please stop over at her BLOG and wish her a happy birthday!


  1. Wow! What a yummy breakfast! What time should I be there?:) I would so love to have fresh eggs all the time like that.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed my visit here!

  2. Yum!!!! Can I drop in for some of those fresh biscuits, jelly and eggs???? I'll bring some orange juice....please may I come????
    That sounds SO good about now I sit here and wonder what I can have from my kitchen for breakfast!! :)
    Enjoy your day tomorrow!!

  3. Yum, What time is breakfast served?
    I think I might just go fix some fresh eggs and grits! Have a great day! Blessings, Karen

  4. There's nothing like homebaked and homemade goodies. Enjoy!

  5. Totally understand the homemade/homegrown thing. Things that I grown in my garden just taste so much better than what I can buy in a store. We've been talking about getting some chickens for eggs. Your pictures make me want it even more! :)


  6. Yummy I hope your breafast was a great one!!! Don't apologize for feeling good about feeding your family fresh home made and home grown goodies!!! Your really becoming a Proverbs 31 lady!!!:0) Take care my frined!!!~Wendy

  7. What a wonderful homemade breakfast, Katy! YUM! I hope you have a fun birthday celebration with your family this evening!

  8. One of my friends had chickens and gave us eggs one time. I loved it and would almost love having my own one day.
    I never think you are acting haughty or bragging.
    Hope you had a great weekend!!

  9. katy
    Your breakfast looks so yummy!!I try to do alot from scratch as well. I know what you mean about the feeling you get when you serve your family things from scratch!I feel the same way, especially when I can get fresh eggs and milk!When we can have foods as close to the original way God intended them to be it just makes me feel so good:)Blessings!!

  10. Sounds wonderful! I love homemade jelly and nothing taste better then fresh eggs. It is making my mouth water just thinking about it!

  11. I love to do homemade because truthfully I am afraid of all the chemicals they put in foods to preserve them, and I think it is doing better for your family (especially developing children) if you can cook from scratch and prevent all those chemicals from getting into our bodies. That is why I cook, bake, can, jar, freeze, etc from scratch and have a large veggie garden, so that I can try and keep all that stuff out of my family's mouths. Good for you (sorry you couldn't eat your bisquits, they looked DELISH!!!)

  12. Oh yumm! My stomach's growling for some of those fresh eggs!


  13. yum... i LOVE breakfast foods... hashbrowns are my fave. I serve breakfast for dinner a lot too lol

  14. Reading through your archives I can say you never come across as haugthy! Just thought you should know!


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