Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Peek At My Home In The Summertime!

My humble home....see...someday (hopefully soon) we will have the whole house sided like the back addition is being sided. We have all the siding to complete the job...however, my husband has been doing this work alone...and it can be a long process when you have other things on your plate as well!Below is the front room...(our school room). Someday it will be made into an open porch...but for is what it is. The paint is horrible on it...but why sink money into buying more paint for it when it is going to get ripped off eventually anyway...know what I mean? And please excuse the ugly AC unit..LOL. That is my son's room and it is soo hot in there without that AC. The unit was given to us for free..and hey...can't beat that...even if the back is ugly...LOL!

And my wedding ring quilt flag! Oh how I LOVE it!!!! :)

And below is a pic of my hostas and my little walkway! I don't know why the arbor looks like it is leaning...cuz it really isn't leaning at all! LOL

Another view of our walkway and arbor etc. Yes yes, i know...UGLY garage....but it's a garage..and it works and I am thankful for it and the future, it will be sided to match the house! :)
AND...LOOK! I found this old chair without the back, in the garage! What a treasure! Doesn't it look fantastic in my lil garden there?? I LOVE it! I was thrilled to find it! :)

And the other side of my house....a privacy fence we put up (the neighbors have an ugly chicken wire type fence we started putting a nicer fence up! I should have taken pics in the were blooming all over the place here!) And you can see my clothesline in the back there! :)
And for your viewing pleasure, LOL, I threw leftovers that went bad into the chicken run for the girls...and look at em! They look like they haven't eaten in ages!!! ROFL!!! They scramble! I can just hear their thoughts..."me first," "move it or lose it" "get outta my way" "it's mine!" LOL

I hope you enjoyed the pics. My home is far from perfect looking...but as far as love and family is one of the most precious places on this Earth! We live here...we love here and we learn here. It's the perfect place to raise a family...and I love it! :) I know this is my second post of the day!!! LOL....I just took the pics and wanted to share them! If you haven't already....check out my previous post I made today!!!

OH..and I got weighed today....I didn't lose anything this week. :( However..I didn't gain either..I stayed the same...and that is bound to happen so I am trying to stay positive! :) Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!


  1. Katy,
    Your home looks so nice!!!You have a very nice piece of property!!Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us!!I love photos of peoples homes and to hear different ideas everyone has!
    Don`t feel bad about not losing any weight this week.You`ll get there!!I think your doing great!!take care

  2. Hi Katy Thanks for visiting my blog, I LOVE your house!!! I love old houses but for now we are in a plain jane house with only the character that we have managed to give it.Thanks for sharing and being bold in your faith! Blessings Kathy

  3. thanks for sharing; I agree with you; it is nice to see normal living; I love your home and recipes! Merrie

  4. Your house is a treasure! It's how you make a house a home that counts and you have done that with love!!

    Take care,

  5. Your home looks so your arbor and chickens. Good Luck on your homeschooling adventure...We homeschooled our daughter from 3rd - 12th grade and now she is in her 4th year of college with 2 more years to go. Would do it all over again if I needed to.

  6. Katy, you know what they say....your home is your castle. When I was selling real estate my buyers would always ask if they should buy the house or not and I would say "you have to live in it, it doesn't matter what I think, it's what you think." I love my home so very much, I cannot imagine living anywhere else, but some might find this 100+ yo stone house that sometimes has bats too horrible to live in and too much work. I am glad you are so happy in your home... that is all that matters! It looks great... I love the "girls" scrambling to get the leftovers.

  7. Its a very nice and inviting home Katy it makes me think of a home on a country road. Is your garden in your yard? I remember you planting it but couldn't remember if you had it in your yard or your mothers!! Our home too is a work in progress, we have siding on our house but our garage is a bright bright yellow paint with rotting wood trim that needs to be replaced, that is going to be one of our projects late summer into fall along with all new wood around all the windows on the house!! We look at it as one thing at a time!!:0) Have a great day!!! By the way I love your red counters in your kitchen!!!:0) Wendy

  8. Look at all that SPACE! What a blessing. Enjoy it!

  9. Two posts in one day -- now THAT'S impressive, Katy :)

    It's always uplifting to see that other people's homes are also a work in progress. More uplifting still to learn that lots of living, loving, and growing are going on within their walls, too. Keep plugging away and enjoy all of the memories you're making...

  10. WOW i love photos of your homey beautiful home! how nice! and it doesn't have to be perfect for you to love it, i'm impressed =))
    Also let me introduce myself..i visit Jenn's blog..the one with a really feminine background, she's lovely, i'm her regular poster, and i go to her links from time to time i found your site a couple of days ago and I LOVE IT!
    I also used to do weight watchers long ago it didn't work for me, but it has worked for tons of people, i wish you the best with a new wonderful lifestyle..YOU CAN DO THIS! and don't feel bad about not losing i used to have those weeks too..i did gain all the weight back but i'm trying to lose it slowly now, by just eating very little i had a treat and had 3 small pancakes..but it's rare far with my own diet i lost 2-3 pounds in almost 2 weeks so not too bad!
    YOU CAN DO THIS hun!
    don't ever give up!

    And i loved your last post too with photos of those nice small meatballs they look so yummy!!
    And God bless you on homeschooling your children soon, i respect that so much..that is wonderful that you are so God loving and God fearing kind of woman :)
    You remind me of Proverbs 31 you are that kind of lady =))

    well sorry that this was so long..
    I don't have my own blog,

    But you can email me anytime

    Or visit me on myspace

    OR find me on facebook..=)
    my name on there is Jane Kabachny

    hope to talk to you soon!

    P.S. Or you can leave me a comment right on your own blog!

    And keep up the good work with your diet ..never give up!

    And i love your little home =)

    well take care!

    Blessings & hugs!

    To God be all glory!

    In Him, Jane.

  11. Katy,

    Thanks so much for the sweet anniversary comments and wishes!

    I think your home looks like a happy family lives there! There is truly no place like home...and part of fixing your home the looking forward to it...if we could do everything at once like we wanted...we'd probably never be satisfied! The siding is great, by the way!

    Happy Thursday, Katy!

  12. Katy, your home is so full of love! It's so welcoming....I wish I had your spirit most days!!! You inspire me!
    You've given me an idea with that old chair..I must see if I have anything I can use in my garage.
    Take care

  13. Katy, Everything looks wonderful to me. Its the people inside the house that make it a home to me. My house is never perfect and with 3 boys dont know if it will ever be.
    The weight thing I have tried to lose weight on and off for 10 yrs now,with no succss. I give you an A+ just for effort.
    I have been a little stressed out about school lately. I haven had the money to get all my books and I keep feeling like I need to be stricter with the boys. They can get me so flustered sometimes when we try to work all together. I have been trying to come up with some way to keep them from agravating each other and me, and us still be able to work together.Prayers please!
    And now last but not least the meatballs do they have tomato sauce in them? They look yummy but my Dh cant stand meatballs because of all the grease., and I dont like alot of tomato stuff. I might just have to try those though.
    Blessings, karen

  14. Thank you so much for giving us the tour around your lovely home! As you know, its not the house that makes the home....

    It will be fun to see all your plans come to life! Do continue to post pictures- its always fun to see the little things that people do around their home to make it their own!

  15. Hi--I love that flag! It looks like you've really made it homey.

  16. Katy,
    Thank you for the comment that you left on my blogstie. wespeakofhim
    You have a wonderful site and I will come and visit again. I like you house fun nice. We also homeschool, highschool. I am excited for you and your family just starting out. God Bless
    Kim in Oklahoma

  17. I love your charming house and beautiful yard! And it will be even more charming when the siding is done. I love all the interesting peaks and valleys of your roof. Yes, your house has a story to tell! Very quaint and charming! Thank you for sharing your pics. You can see our house on my blog page. We have 2 & 1/2 acres and it is a blessing, until it's time to mow! LOL! Just kidding! We love it!

  18. Katy,

    I think your home is so charming and cozy. I can't remember where I found your blog but I love it.

    Oh and congratulations on the weight loss!!

    I blog as well, it's set to private. If you'd like to view it just drop me an email.


  19. Katy,
    Your home is nice! Don't fret. You saw that house and knew it was the perfect home. It just needed some TLC. So you two have set out and started working step by step to make it the beauty that you know it can be instead of tossing it aside. A lot of people these days won't buy a house because of silly things like they hate the paint color in a room! Get to work and fix it, huh? I can't understand people like that.

    I'm the same way. I knew the trailer could be a nice home and the land was amazing so I made it home. Others thought we were crazy because it needed so much work done. And yes, we've spent money on a place that we don't intend to live in forever BUT we made it a home and have enjoyed it during the times we have and will live here! I think I could make any place a home.

    And as we know, a home is totally different from just a house :)

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Love your house! The style just screams country home. I love to see other people homes. Great way to get ideas.

    Our house was ugly when we bought it and Chuck put on our siding. It was quite a job! He spent weekends and most evenings after work on that project. So worth it in the end and as you know you are saving sooooo much money by doing it yourself.

    Have a great day! ~Wendi

  21. Your home is amazing! Mine looks completely different than that. Actually I hate my house LOL. I'd surely move near you, anytime girl!

  22. Katy,
    I came back after reading your latest post to look again. Okay, I have an idea! From what I'm getting, you would like to do something to pretty things up for now??? Your house is all one least the front, I know there is other stuff on the side. Okay, so what if you buy paint and paint just the trim around your windows and do your front door in some snappy color like red so it stands out. I would just do simple stuff like with plants and small little decorative touches out front to play up the house. It's a work in progress and you can draw people's attention in to it's great country charm, they'll never notice the stuff that bothers you :)

    Jer and I sometimes play a little game when we're driving around. We look at houses and say what could be done to really improve them. Usually it's just a simple, clean the junk up around the house, trim the bushes, pick up the dead limbs out front and mow the grass! Those simple things! Very rarely do we talk about the siding or paint or what not.... Okay, I do with my neighbors house but the thing there is that I remember how beautiful that house was when I was a kid. Everything has been left go and it's sad. There was a period of two years that my Dad lived there with his girlfriend and I just love that little house. I would LOVE to be able to fix it up and live there myself! ;)

  23. Katy,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. What a fun tour of your house. I like your little walkway--so cute!

  24. Your home is looking great. I enjoyed all the pictures.


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