Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Of Chris' Mission Trip To Romania!

Since my husband, Chris, only took 3 pics the whole time while in Romania (the camera he took was an older one of ours and he got frustrated with it...LOL...MEN!), I got the pics from a teen girl that went on the trip too. She gave me her two memory cards from the trip and I downloaded them to my computer. It was so sweet of her! And she took TONS of pics....over 1,000! SERIOUSLY! But I figured I would just share a few of them with you....don't worry....I have not uploaded 1,000 pics...hehe! they are in a Romanian meat market and Chris (front with black Tshirt) is helping them to pick out the meat for their food ministry outreach. (My inlaws own a meat market and so Chris knows good meat and good prices etc...)Here, some of the members are cleaning up and working in the church that was being built there! That's chris over to the left. (Not all the pics had Chris in them...but I like posting the ones that did...LOL)
I thought it would be neat to share a pic of the place where they held their church services! I honestly love it...simple and sweet....although, I think it would be hard to sit through their services (hours long) without a back on the bench! don't you? As I mentioned in a previous post....boys sat on one side of the church and girls on the other! :)

Below is a pic, of course, of my Christopher....this was part of the outreach with the children. Socializing, interacting etc with them. Here they were playing a game of soccer or dodgeball...I am not sure which. Maybe a little of both?? LOL They also handed out shoeboxes full of stuff that we all donated from back here in the states for the kids. Each box was made for a certain age and for either a boy or a girl. We put in things like crayons, socks, toothbrushes, candy, toys, cards etc. They handed the shoeboxes out to the kids at the orphanage. I must makes me so sad that any child has to live in an orphanage. If we all could (and were allowed to) house and take care of and love one child....wouldn't that be great? I wish we could find a loving home for every child!

And last...I thought I would share a pic of one of the mission team members playing jump rope with a few Romanian girls! I think it is soo cute! I also thought it would be a way for you all to see what the houses and living areas look like over there! I said...there were lots and lots more pics taken. These are just 5 out of 1,000! LOL I also posted some pics in an earlier post...and if you didn't get to see those and would like can go HERE. If you all show interest in seeing more pics of the landscapes and homes and mission work etc...let me know and I will be happy to post more about them! :)

***Tomorrow is my oldest child, Madelyn's, birthday! She turns 7! :) I gotta get up in the morning...make the pineapple cupcake/cake thing I planned and then get everyone ready for sunday school and church...then home for lunch...then Madelyn's party is from I gotta get the cupcakes/cake thing iced before then and get everything ready and decorated! It was goign to be outside...but the weather is looking like it is suppose to be stormy! ACK! So we will just have to see! I will be sure to take pics and have a post all about it!!! :) Happy Saturday all! xoxo


  1. I would LOVE to see more pics of the mission trip and the country side and houses etc. What a wonderful experience for Chris!

    I hear ya and understand about being discontented and I agree. I have so much and I know that, so it's easy to play a game and pretend when you have a wonderful family and home. It's harmless as long as one doesn't covet IMHO.

    Have a lot of fun tomorrow and Happy happy Birthday to Madelyn! can't wait to see the party pics!

  2. I too would like to see more pictures!!! Have fun at Maddies party Happy Birthday!! and look forward to seeing pictures of that too!! Take care!~Wendy

  3. More pic please :)
    Hope the birthday party is lots of fun ! I bet you are still so happy to have your hubby home :)
    Have a good evening,

  4. I love all the pictures you've shared Katy and would love to see more :)

    Hope your little princess has a wonderful birthday tomorrow.


  5. What great photos Katy! Chris looks so intense in that meat market. He means business!

    It is also delightful to see photos of their church. Many churches around here still practice men on one side and women on the other. Isn't that interesting?

    Looking forward to seeing more.


  6. Another "more pictures, please"!

  7. Wow Katy!What an amazing experience he had!To be able to reach out to so many in need!How awesome!!I would love to see more pics of the houses!!

  8. I love the pictures. Keep em comin'. Sorry I've been bad about getting over to say HI to you. Busy with work . Should slow down in a wk or so. HUGS katy!


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