Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just a smidge! was weigh in Thursday at my dr's office. I have only lost a smidge. I lost half a pound. LOL. I am actually happy though. This week I felt hungry a lot...and ate more than normal. Not horrible eating...but worse than normal for me. There is a reason...but I won't discuss it online..LOL. So, I am sure next week will go much better. Still any sort of loss is good in my opinion! Since May 1st of this year...I have lost 26 lbs. I am happy with that and am fitting in my clothes so much better. I have 49 more pounds to go to hit my goal weight loss of 75 lbs! :)

So...who all is losing weight with me? How are you feeling? What have you lost? What is your diet plan? I would love to hear it! I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for your encouragement and support as I have been losing! It means so much!


  1. I so need to eat better and lose weight but I have such a hard time losing that I think why bother!!
    Congratulations my friend and your right there are times we need to eat a little more:0)!! I know just what you mean!! Have a great day!~Wendy

  2. WOO HOO!!!! A 1/2 of pound is WONDERFUL ! I always look at it as its better than gaining it!I bet you are loosing inches too!!
    Im a WW fan and I have recently started going back to the meetings. They have great idea's and great motivation there, I love it. I know what your talking about for wanting to eat this week, I had that happen too! Mondays weigh in will hopefully be good , keeping fingers crossed!!
    One of my tricks is eating at kinda the same times and eating apples and a string cheese for a snack and LOTS of water. I dont like eating the frozen meals, they are so full of sodium and to me they arent filling.
    Ok, I have babbled long enough, I will let you go :)
    Have a great day , you did good !!!

  3. Congratulations Katy! You should be so proud of yourself! I always say better a 1/2 lb loss than a 1/2 lb gain! Slow and steady!

    I'm still on WW as well and so far am down just over 40lbs and only have 3 weeks left of maintenance before I get my life time. So it CAN be done!!!!

  4. Wonderful Katy!!There are "times" when we are more hungry than others,but that`s okay.I always gaine at least 5 pounds so you are doing great!!I know you`ll reach your goal in no time!!!

  5. great job katy!! every little bit counts! keep it up!!


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