Thursday, July 17, 2008

It came! It came!

What came? You may be wondering! Madelyn's 1st grade homeschool curriculum! I am so so excited! I got the 1st grade curriculum for "My Father's World". It is a biblically based curriculum. I started looking through the teacher's manual...and this is definitely something I think I can handle!! I'm not saying it won't be tough at times....and frustrating for both her and I....but I really think this is going to be great for our whole family and am sooo soo glad Chris and I agreed we would choose this method of learning for our kids!

I have picked up workbooks, flash cards work with Xavier on...he will be 5 next month and if going to public school..wouldn't even be going to Kindergarten yet. So we will work on pre-K and Kindergarten stuff with him. I will just get him used to learning and structure! With 2 1/2 year old...we will just work on fun learning we already do. Counting out loud...singing fun learning and biblical songs etc. I am really looking forward to starting this! Now...I gotta get all my "stuff" written up to take into the school district to "register" as a homeschooler. I have to write out my plan/outline for the year etc. (Just for Madelyn...since the boys aren't public school age anyway.)

I am so excited! If you are homeschooling....what curriculum are you using? Any tips? Fun ideas?? I am sooo looking forward to this journey of growing closer with my children!!! :)


  1. Good luck with you newest venture. I know you will do just great!

  2. Katy you will love it I'm sure!!! Yes you will have frustrating days but in the end it will be so worth it!!! Isn't it exciting to start getting all your school things together?!!! I am so excited for you!!~Wendy

  3. You sound so excited, happy for you!!

  4. Katy~
    Your excitement will reflect on the children and they will be excited to.
    I hope you love the curriculum. It looks like fun. Here at our house, we use a little of this and a little of that.

  5. Good for you--hope all goes well and that your year of teaching has many, many rewards. Julie

  6. I`m sure you will love it Katy!!Yes,I`m sure you will have bad days,but that`s okay because you`ll have your hubby to support and encourage you:)The curriculum looks great too!!You are doing a wonderful thing for your kids Katy!!God bless!!

  7. We used to get as excited when our curriculum arrived. I hope you have a fun year of learning! blessings, Kathleen

  8. Hey Katy,
    I would like to add you to my favorites if you don't mind. It is so exciting to be starting on the homeschooling journey, isn't it!! I just got excited yesterday. I think we are going to do My Father's World this year, also. And I found a mirror that will make the perfect chalkboard at the thrift store yesterday and am excited to get our schoolroom set up.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  9. Sounds like fun times ahead. My daughter just had her baby but she is already considering home schooling. It will be a good learning experience for me to watch how it goes with you!

  10. I have heard a lot of really good things about MFW. I am part of a yahoo group that has several women using MFW. If you are interested, it is HSMoms4Him. You can look it up on yahoo groups. I know you are going to do great!


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