Monday, July 7, 2008


Above is a picture of some of the invites I made for Madelyn's birthday party on Sunday. They are simple...nothing too fancy...but they served the purpose well. I made many more than that...but already sent them out...and they all basically look the same! :) She is so excited for her party and so excited to be 7 yrs old!

I still have to finish planning her party. I think I have everything for it....and I have a great idea for the cake. I was going to use cupcakes and form them into looking like a pineapple and then cutting a round cake into the leaves on top! Think that will work? I gotta get organized with it all! :)

This is a pic of me....(before I touched up my makeup...LOL) on the day I went to pick up Chris at the airport from his mission trip in Romania! My aunt (who owns a salon) did my hair and once I fixed my make up....I think it looked nice all together. The necklace I have on in the pic is 2 pieces of a side says Christopher and the other side says Kate (they never have things spelled with Katy...with a Y) and they are magnetic in the middle and stay together!!! I wore that when I met him there too! He liked it!!


  1. Those invites are great! Sounds like such a fun party. Being 7 is wonderful!

    And you, my dear, look breathtaking! Whoohoo!


  2. You look beautiful! I bet you're glad to have him home now. How was it? Tell all!

  3. Looking good, Katy! And those invites are too cute! My oldest turned 7 in March. Where does the time go???

    Have a great day!

  4. I love your invites Katy! Can't wait to see birthday party pics! I like your hair in your pic!

  5. I love the invitations! I love simple invitations and especially when they're homemade!

    You look great, Katy! I love your hair!

    I know you're glad to have your hubby back home and all your eggs in the nest! (I felt that way after getting home from camp!) I missed my hubby and son!

    Have a great week!

  6. I love the invatatios!!You look beautiful in that picture!!Your hair looks really nice!!

  7. What a great idea for a cake!! Cup cakes seem to always make things much simpler with kids, hope everyting turns out great.
    Shayne Louree

  8. Love the invites and I love your photo, you looked so happy :)

    Have a great day.


  9. Your just adorable!! And what a sweet family photo, so glad your family is all together again!

  10. you look great & the invitations turned out cute! have a great day!

  11. You look beautiful (your hair is simply gorgeous!) and I'm so thankful that your husband is back home!!! :) Your birthday invitations are adorable.


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