Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Homeschool Update and Some Dinner Table Talk!

Welp....I am almost fully prepared to start my first year of homeschooling! I have my Educational Objectives typed out and I need to get my affidavit notarized...and then take it to our school district and we will be all ready to start! It is really exciting! I think the older two kids are excited about it too! I look forward to setting up a good routine for us and to see their heads a-thinkin' with all the learning we will do!
I found HomeHearts which is a homeschooling helper online. It looks like a really great place! I haven't had the chance to look over it fully...but I intend to at some point! :) I must say...when the thought of homeschooling first occurred to me, I was terrified and didn't know if I could (or should) do it. But now, I definitely have a wonderful peace and excitement for it! I know that is a God given peace! I know this homeschooling journey will not be easy all the time...but I know we can do it through He, who is our strength!

The dinner table! I love being able to eat at the dinner table. The chatter, the closeness of family and no TV distractions! I think eating as a family is so important. Now, I am not saying we don't have our off days...we certainly have our times of eating in the living room for fun or when our schedules are all off (for example, when the kids have VBS and have to be there at 6...and Chris just gets home from work...) The majority of the time, however, we love to sit and eat at the table!
LOL...although clean...that table cloth has definitely been through MANY can be totally seen in this pic! My kids are young...and spill quite often...but such is a part of the dinner time experience! Do you and your family eat at the dinner table? How often? Do you think it is important? I would love to hear your opinions on it!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! xoxo


  1. Hi Katy,
    Yes, we do eat at the dinner table. We have off times like you mentioned, but we crowd our family of six around our little table for four and eat our meals together.

    You'll do great homeschooling. Half the battle is having confidence in yourself. The other half is your own self-discipline.

    By the way, I now have a 17 yo son. Don't believe that everything will be perfect or will turn out perfect if you homeschool. Just know that whatever happens, it will be much better than if they'd gone to school! ~smile~

    God bless you and your efforts!


  2. That is wonderful that you're ready for homeschooling :) I don't know that I would know where to start! LOL It's not something I have ever thought about, though. My kiddos are the type that don't want to sit down and work on things like that with Mom. They fight me. They do anything the teacher asks, though! LOL

    Shane refused to learn how to write his name before going to Kindergarten. I was so frustrated! Nobody could work with him. We went to the school the week before it started for orientation and he sat there and wrote out his full name!!!! He's always doing things like that! LOL

    We eat at our table pretty much every night. We have those nights when we grab and go but dinner is usually at the table as a family. I have been having a hard time lately, though, because Jeremy has worked all kinds of hours. I miss family dinners! It's a MUST here. It's just how Jer and I were raised!

    Have a great day!

  3. Hey Miss Katy,

    I just put you all over my post today. I hope you find a few new readers!

    Come and see!

  4. I have always admired those women who can do home schooling with their children. There seems to be a sense of connection as well as protection from the "bad" things that can happen in public and private schools.

    I agree with you, eating at the table as a family is comforting and really is a good thing. Your table looks like I'd want to pull a chair up to it and dig in!!


  5. I too love the dinner table. The place to connect every evening!

    I love you cute:).

    And it sounds like your home school will be very fun! Good for you in following God's leading!

    BTW I've been doing a Bible Study called the Lord's Table and have often thought you would enjoy it? Just thought I'd let you know about it:).

    I hope you have a blessed day!

  6. Hi!!

    My DH and I was just talking about this, We eat up at our table EVERY night! We have tried eating in the living room and watching a movie with the kids on Fridays but for us it does not work...

    DH brought this up at work and he said that his coworkers were amazed that we eat up at the table, they all eat in front of the TV! Some even have families and still eat in front of the TV.

    I love hearing about the day and I always ask one question each night "What was one GOOD thing about today"...I love to hear everyones diff. answers...some are so funny!

    Have a Great Day!

  7. I think you will do GREAT homeschooling. I wish I had the $ and the patience. I have to work almost f/t just to help support the family of 4 kids and dh lol. So I run the rat race :( I'm not proud of that. I know we all have our full plates, but sometimes I'm so overwhelmed. Seems like your life is nice, peaceful, and just the way you want it. Awesome! I surely admire you and your efforts. I love reading your blog.

  8. Katy,
    I do think eating dinner at the table all together is very important.I do have to admit though it is a rare thing in our home.My husband enjoys eating dinner by the computer or in the living room.I do not like it,but since I want to eat all together as a family I do go along with it.We are going to be eating all at the table after the move though,so that will be something to look forward to.
    I so look forward to your posts about your homeschooloing journey!!I know you`ll do great.With God`s help,you can`t go wrong:)

  9. We eat all of our meal at the table. I love it! We are able to talk about our day and sometimes Megan cracks us up with the things she will do. Before Megan we would sometimes watch a movie and eat pizza in the living room. I am sure that as she gets older we will start doing that again.~Wendi

  10. Hi Katy! I'm so excited for you. Homeschooling is such a wonderful adventure. You can get so creative. One mom I know just completed an American Girl Doll study with her daughters. Each girl chose a time period in history, studied it extensively, wrote a complete American Girl book for that doll and made clothes for their doll based on that time period. Can you imagine what fun they had while the learned history, home economics, writing and more?

    Yes, I do think the family meal table is soooo important. Here at the Blakney home, we eat together every night. We even adjust our meal times according to Jase's (18) work schedule so he still has that connection with the family though he has been away from home all day. It is such a blessing as we all talk about our day. We read a scripture and pray to feed our spirits as well. It is such a wonderful way to stay connected.

    Love your table, Katy. It looks so welcoming and that is important too. We often light candles or play music softly in the background. We often play a family game after the meal table has been cleared. Make it fun. Keep it happy so the children will never want to miss that tiem together.


  11. Family Dinner is the best! We eat together every night, all around the table -- even Brendan. It's where the best chatter and catching up happens. SO important!

    All the best with your homeschooling adventure! I taught elementary and middle school Spanish before staying home. There's nothing like your own classroom!

  12. Yes, we do eat at the dinner table. We occassionally eat in the livingroom too, but mostly just snacks. Having dinner together was something we ALWAYS did growing up and I continued that with my own family. I think it is very important to come together at least once a day to connect with your kids, etc.

    And I think it is awesome that you are going to homeschool your kids.

  13. Katy - I'm so excited for you as you start your first year of homeschooling. I did it for one year with my daughter and it was such a blessing. She wanted to go back to public school so we stopped - made me sad. I wish that I had done homeschooling from the very beginning. I will be praying for you throughout your school year!


  14. When my kids were younger we ate almost every night at the table unless we ate outside or made a picnic on the livingroom floor!!
    I love coming here it gives me a chance to reminance!! You are such a great mommy Katy!!! I love visiting your blog!! So glad you are all ready for school to start!! did you get all your beans canned yesterday? Have a very Blessed day my friend!!~Wendy

  15. We eat at the dinner table EVERY night, there is no excuse whatsoever LOL

    Even if we get McDonald's, we come home and eat it at the table, it's something the kids are used to and I don't want to break that, I love having everyone sitting around eating and talking about their day :)

  16. Love your table, when our kids were home we sat at the table everynight, special times. Sure do envy you all that canning, miss it, will make up for it next year!

  17. What a cute blog design. We rarely eat at the table, but we're moving towards that idea now that the baby's starting to feed herself a little. I predict that in a few years family dinners at the table will be our every day routine.

    As far as homeschooling goes, I think you're very brave! Some of the most godly women I know were home schooled. I don't think you can invest too much time and energy into your kids.

  18. Katy, it's wonderful that you are almost ready for your upcoming school year! We will be ordering our curriculum and getting things set up soon, too. Your dinner table looks beautiful! We eat dinner at the table almost every night. I think it is a very important time for a family and we try to keep the conversation positive and happy.

  19. Love your dishes! We do eat at the table. It is very important to me! I grew up having family meals so it is something I'm used to! We still have family dinner every sunday at my mom's. Although there are no too many of us for one table:)

  20. Hi Katy,

    To us eating supper, in the dining room at the table, no tv on... is soooo important to us. (we call the noon meal dinner and evening supper) is a way for everyone to connect at the end of the day and to talk about things that happened. Fridays we have pizza night and we watch a movie or do our own thing so we don't eat at the table then.

    I am glad you are finding your with the homeschooling.

  21. I love your plates ! I saw some just like those recently and passed them up because I didnt think I would use them. I kick myself big time now!!
    I see you are eating some of thie yummy beans you canned!!
    We eat at the dinner table and sometimes infront of the tv.. I know - bad habit. But our lives are so crazy busy lately!
    You have quite desire to do homeschooling! I teach reading in an elementary school. I couldnt imagine teaching my own kids!!
    Cheers to you!!
    Have a great evening,

  22. I'm so excited for you Katy about the beginnings of your homeschool career. :) It will be long and prosperous, I just know it. :)

    Yes, eating at the dinner table with the entire family is the best! It is very important. Families are so fragmented anymore, everyone doing their own thing, going different directions. I think that the more activities we can do 'together' as a family, the stronger the family unit is. I think this is God's plan for families. Strong families make strong communities and nations. To think, it is all connected to eating together as a family. :)

    Blessings!!! :)

  23. check my have an award! xx

  24. Hi again Katy,
    THanks for stopping by and leaving so many lovely comments on my blog. I am glad to hear that you are starting out homeschooling - we are too, in the new year, and I look forward to reading your experiences ahead of time.
    As for the book give-away, you surely can enter - your name is on the list! It is a great book - hope you win!
    Love, Cath

  25. We have dinner around the table every night. I can't imagine it any other's so great to be together and my man is a BIG advocate of sitting down to eat together whenever possible, including 3 times on Saturday.


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