Friday, July 18, 2008

Doin' a little old school....

My camera batteries died...but if i could...I would take a pic of the kids. They are dancing to some "old school" songs my husband and I know the ones I mean. One hit wonders from the 90's that you know ALL the words to. Like...."Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, or songs by Sir Mixalot! LOL!!! It totally cracks me up! I have to be careful...cuz some of the words in some songs are totally NOT appropriate...but there are alot of them that I don't even get! LOL The kids also love Johnny Cash (one of my hubby's favorite singers...EVER!). They also love things like The ChaCha Slide and Cotton Eyed Joe. It totally cracks me up! They are just too funny! They can be in the middle of fighting and you stick on one of those songs and they break out in dancing!!! ROFL! Since I don't have a pic to show you....HERE is a post where I did take a pic of the kids dancing to "Burning Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash!!!! LOL....Aren't they too funny?

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!! xoxo


  1. That is too funny!! I have discovered that one of the local stations play 90's at noon. Boy do those songs bring back memories. And some of those songs are kind of dirty...I can't believe my parents let me listen to some of that! Ice, Ice Baby...still love that song!

  2. Oh I just LOVE those moments, Katy! Music is a wonderful distraction sometimes, isn't it? We listen to a lot of it at our house.

    Glad everyone's dancing :) Have a super weekend.

  3. LOL Katy, I admit I do know all the words to Ice Ice Baby LMAO

    It brings back good memories :)

  4. Oh I remember those days!!! We used to listen to music all the time!!! They are so cute just dancing around!! Hope you have a great Friday!!~Wendy

  5. Keep on dancin - it's good for the heart and soul!

  6. Lol!Sounds like the kids had a good time!!I do agree that some of those songs are pretty dirty.There are a few I can think of that are featured in children's movies:(By the way..I love your little sketch of the kids dancing!!Have a great weekend!!

  7. Those songs bring back some memories, thats for sure! Its so funny that we think of those songs being on the radio just a couple years ago, but our kids are like , OH MY GOSH, these are oldies!!!
    Oh what its like to get old !

    Have a great weekend,

  8. Hi Katy! Thanks for dropping by and saying Hello...your kids are cute! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I thought only my kids liked to dance to that stuff! LOL It's so funny to see them enjoying music from my past.

    I know, some of the songs are bad but you know...we listened to them and didn't always know what they were saying either. I have to wonder about the same thing with my kids now. Will they really know? I also remember watching movies and not understanding things that I understand loud and clearly now! LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Loves me some Johnny Cash! I am a huge fan. My five yr old son (Monkey) loves old school rap too, but you have to watch the language. It slips up on you!


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