Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another hot and busy day!

Doing more canning today! Although, today is yellow beans. Although you can't see them actually canning...I have 7 quarts of yellow beans in the canner right now! :) YUM! I couldn't think of a catchy "yellow bean" title....LOL.

It's definitely hot out here in PA! Just look at my poor baby, Ruthie....she looks so weary and pooped...and hasn't even done anything today! LOL

Other than housework and canning today...I have hung clothes out on the line:

and my nephew is here playing with the kids for a bit! I need to wash the eggs today too!

Not sure if there is more picking to do down at the garden or not today while the kids are at VBS. But if there isn't...I will probably be outside weeding. I also need to fold laundry and put it all away! I hope you all are having a beautiful Tuesday and I hope you are staying cool! xoxo


  1. well you sure are busy!! do you have a farm or something?? It's hot & humid here... yuck!

  2. Sounds like a busy day for you! :)

    I think it's hot and humid everywhere. It's just been one of those summers! LOL I'm just thankful we have electricity today and I'm enjoying the a/c a bit. I'm working on a few things around here but nothing exciting to blog about yet! :)

    Have a great day!

  3. Wow!That`s great Katy!!You`ll be thankful come winter as grocery prices and oil will be on the rise:)Blessings!

  4. You are putting me to shame!! I'm just sitting here being a lazy butt!!....Try and keep cool!! Have a great day!~Wendy

  5. I haven't canned too much this summer. We still have a stock of over 130 quarts of green beans in the basement from last summer :) I have put up 23 quarts this year, but obviously that's nothing in comparison to the 200+ I did last summer! Oy, was that some hot work! We have a glass top stove, and a huge canner (looks a lot like yours!) so I don't trust using it on the glass top. My MIL has an old avocado green electric stove she keeps in the garage for cooking sweet corn to freeze so we borrow it, stick it out in the pole barn and I do all my canning out there. It's actually kind of nice getting a break from the house and everyone in it! LOL

  6. You certainnly have been busy, it's just too humid to do too much around here, although I did pick a basket full of cucumbers that I will be turning into pickles. Try and stay cool.

  7. Thanks for entering my giveaway! God Bless, Celene

  8. I hope your canning is going well, Katy! I love hearing all the lovely things are you busy with!

  9. Wow--I can hardly stand getting near the stove or oven, it is so hot. Good for you--having those canned beans sitting on the counter will make you smile!! Have a great, cool day!! Julie

  10. Your right YUM!
    I really think next yea I'm going to start a garden. I wanted to this year but things have been hectic the last few months & never got around to it. Oh & I love the smell of clothes after drying on the line=) It's very hot & sticky here too.
    Stay Cool!!

  11. Busy Bee you are! I went to the nursing home this am to see my grandmother then came home washed and hung out clothes, fixing supper now. If I could just keep up with you Id be doing good!lol Blessings,Karen

  12. You are always so busy....I LOVE hanging out clothes to dry :)

    Have a great day,

  13. Katy,
    You are making me tired!! I do love the days when I feel I've been productive.

  14. You have been a busy bee! I love the taste of home canned green beans. Yum, Yum!

  15. you are a busy busy girl! I wish I knew how to can things, or hang my clothes on the line, or pick fresh eggs....can you come give me a lesson?! hehe

  16. It is so hot & humid here too. I have to commend you for working outside so much. I just can't seem to take the heat like I used to anymore.
    I know you will enjoy your canning this winter. I need to do more.

  17. Ijust finished washing eggs, so I 'm one chore ahead of you , Katy! mwahahahaha (evil laugh)
    How about "Ol' Yellers"?


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