Friday, May 2, 2008

What's that you say???

Ohhh! You want to see some of my room? Wellll...OK! won't see my hubby's side till it is He likes to try and make a mountain with his clothes...dirty and clean. Need I say more? LOL
So I will just show you a couple shots of my 2 fave places in my room. The first is my side of the bed. As you can see around the window...our trim is not done yet. Our floors aren't finished either...and neither is the trim and doors on the closet. That is why I am picky on what I post. We are redoing our house slowly...and our bedroom is the upstairs of an addition my husband (with some help from a couple uncles) built. So we do things as we can get them done. I try my best not to be in a rush about it. LOL

This next pic is of my craft table!!! I got this organized a few months back...or maybe it was a year ago now?? I don't know. Time just flies by me! Anyway...notice how stained the table is? It was an outside table previously that my parents used for cookouts and other things and it got stained really isn't as dirty as it looks...really. =o)

OK...well, I just wanted to share that with ya!! Also...if you haven't yet...check out THIS post. It's what I posted earlier this morning...I joined Weight Watchers!! I would love to hear from you about it!!! Thank you!!! Have a fantabulous weekend, my friends! xoxo


  1. Hi Katy...nice room!! Love the colours in it!
    Yup, I know about hubby's side of the bed virsus mine..LOL

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Katy if you figure out how to get your hubby to pick up clothes.. LET ME KNOW. heehaoaoaoo
    Hope the weight watchers goes good, but... I THINK YOU ARE ADORABLE as IS. :)

  3. Kaaty thank you for sharing your side of the room!!lol I know what you mean about hubby and piles!! I don't know why they have to do it!!!lol...I love the green on your walls and I absolutely LOVE your quilt!!! I love quilts!! In fact I just ordered a new one last night for my bed!!! Have a fantastic weekend and congratulations on your joining WW!!~Wendy

  4. I love your room Katy!!Thanks for sharing!!I love to see how other people decorate and organize their homes!!Btw--I love your new background:)

  5. Katy,

    Your things are so organized. Good for you!



  6. Such a nice room, Katy! I chose the very same quilt for my bedroom! Isn't that funny? Just love those warm colors & the star pattern. It's my favorite.

    And I have a work table just like that in our room too. But sadly mine is NOT as organized as yours. In fact, I can really see it right now but I just know it is under there somewhere. Spring cleaning did not make it to that room yet! LOL


  7. What a sanctuary! Your room looks like it is a great place to escape to. I love the quilt - so beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Katy :)


  8. I like this background the best.

  9. I love your quilt! "Your side" looks so nice!

    And your craft table looks so organized...mine right now looks like a disaster area!

  10. you're a goofball... i never wouldve looked at the "stains" on the table if you wouldn't have POINTED IT OUT! lol!

    you don't want to see pics of my room!! ROFL!

    so--i am feeling good so far.... just about to go eat my breakfast. i keep telling myself i can do this! i need to get some cauliflower to munch on.... there is a few veggies on the zero points list that we'd prob eat--oh.. and COLESLAW.. yeah! carrots, cauliflower, celery, coleslaw, cooked broccoli(not sure why it has to be cooked?), lettuce/mixed greens, raw pumpkin, summer squash, hmmmmm... that's about it. the rest are kind of weird! too bad carrots make me want to barf! oh... but i think fat free italian dressing might be 0... i'll have to look... cuz i could dip stuff in that if i had to!!!

  11. Katy, what a pretty spot to relax and I love your border by the craft table! Good luck with WW, I've thought about joining once we move closer to town, not sure the online meetings would help me compared to face to face meetings each week, but I've heard alot of good things about them. You are cute just the way you are, but I understand why, do it now, it gets harder as you get older, totally not fair! Have a blessed weekend!

  12. Hi Katy,
    Your room is so pretty I love the quilt. I am just like you I put a chair in our room to enjoy and it is piled with dirty and clean men's clothes. At least it was till today. My cowboy husband is out of town and as they when the cats away! Maybe I can get some pics up before he destroys my handy work again. I enjoyed visiting your blog. Come by and see me. Blessings, Sherry

  13. Hi there! Thanks for visiting GGM and leaving a comment. We appreciate it. :) I think a family scrapbook is a perfect first project. We hope you'll enter the contest!

    The room looks very nice. All the colours and furniture go nicely!


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