Monday, May 19, 2008

Making Jelly!

So my SIL (sister in law)...well..she is almost my SIL...her and my hubby's bro are getting married in August....anyway...we went to my inlaws' meat market (they have LOTS of space in there) and learned to make jelly with my MIL (mother in law). We made 2 batches of grape jelly...and then my SIL and I got to each take home half. We watched my MIL make some peach jam too. This was the first time I ever made jelly!!! It wasn't too hard at all! :) I enjoyed it!

We have a ton of blackberry bushes out behind our house....and when they are in season...i plan on making a bunch of blackberry jam as Christmas gifts!!! In the meantime...I will probably get some peaches too when they are in season and make some peach jam!!! It looked soo yummy! I know I am on WW and jelly is full of sugar...but I think a tablespoon on a piece of toast every now and then won't hurt me... ;o)


OH....and I have to tell ya...on Saturday night...chris and I went OUT!!! WOOT! It was great! We got supper at Subway. Then we met our friends Chris and Heather at the bowling alley and bowled for a couple hours! It was a lot of fun! Then we picked the kids up from my inlaws' house and came this time it was after we put the kiddos to bed and then talked with chris and heather and played Wii for a couple hours! It was a fantastic time! It's so fun to get to do that every once in a while. It's such great fellowship!

I hope you all had an absolutely lovely weekend! It's naptime right I am off to read your blogs and hear how you all are doing!!!! Happy Monday!!! xoxo


  1. Homemade jelly sounds yummy!! Good to know how to do those things with the cost of food going up...

    Your night out with hubby sounds fun! I haven't been out with my husband since January...I know, it's been awhile. But this weekend I get him all to myself all day Saturday. My parents are watching the boys!! Yay!!

  2. YAY!! for anything homemade--that reminds me in need to make strawberry freezer jam. I'm glad you and your husband had a nice time. I think my husband and I need to do that--SOON!! Have a great day. Julie

  3. Hi, Katy! Just have to tell ya I always enjoy coming here and seeing your smiling face! It's so uplifting to me!

    The jelly sounds sooooo wonderful, and blackberries ----- I'd just DIE for some fresh blackberries!!!!! I wonder if they grow here? ? ? ? ?

    Your night out sounds wonderful and good for you, too! Glad it was fun!

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  4. Sounds like you guys had a great time!!I would love to make jam someyime.My mom used to make jam.Maybe this summer I will do some.Blessings!!

  5. Oh I love making strawberry jam!! A friend showed me years ago how to can veggies and make jam and I am so ever grateful to her for that!! My whole family loves my jam and I give it as Christmas gifts every warned they will want it all year long after their first taste!!lol....So glad you and hubby got out for some fun adult time it is so important to that!! Take care!!~Wendy

  6. Jam and Subway and Bowling and Wii? That sounds like a very lovely time. I'm still trying to get my Wii, wish me luck!


  7. Katy,

    I've never made my own jelly! That's something I want to learn how to do. And canning may be a necessity before too long!

    Every year my aunt makes us homemade strawberry freezer jam! There's no jam like my Aunt Betty's! It's so yummy!

    Your date night sounded wonderful! That's such an important thing to do! Glad you were able to do so!

    Have a great Tuesday, Katy!


  8. Sounds like your nite out went great! I love bowling. I love handmade jellies. YUM!

  9. Yum! Homemade grape jelly is my favorite.

    Glad you and hubby had a good night out.

  10. Katy! that's good for you.I love peach and grape jelly and jams but, I will have to buy some from the store. I don't like that cooking too much. I will try new things from time to time but nothing like canning. I'm glad you had a good time out with hubby and friends you guys pick some fun things to do. And the subs were good for the diet. :O) Have a great evening. Deb

  11. How nice that you have someone like your MIL to learn from! Such a blessing.

    We are so fortunate to have lot of wild blackberries in our pasture as well. Last year I made lots of jam and put handmade labels on the jars and gave them as gifts with a loaf of fresh bread.

    So glad you and your husband got some special time together. It is good for our mariage to have that sweet alone time.


  12. There's nothing better than homemade jelly!

    So glad you enjoyed such a fun night out with friends, Katy. Those times are really special.

  13. O.k. Katy- this isn't fair... you telling me you're making jelly and not sharing with ME? LOL
    Sounds like you and Chris had a great time! I still love it when Hubby takes me out on a date.

  14. i just realized that your background looks like a small version of mom's wallpaper (in the living room)! LOL! can you see the resemblance?

  15. Hi, Katy~
    Your jelly looks yummy! Do you have a good recipe for blackberry jelly/jam? We just planted a blackberry bush because I LOVE the blackberry jam (with seeds) at Cracker Barrel! I'd love to make some jam when our bush starts to produce.

  16. You go girl!!! So busy, all ready canning. I love making jellies and jams. I usually make pear perserves and freezer jam. How envious I am of your blackberry bushes, I don't have any. I do have blueberry bushes and muscadine grapes.

    Thank you for visitin' with me, you have the sweetest face. Hugs, RoseMarie

  17. You can make freezer jam using splenda or equal for your WW...I make it for my DH as he's diabetic...its wonderful......
    please stop by my blog too as our group is having a wonderful giveaway and so am I..

  18. woo-hoo on a night out!!! Aren't they so refreshing?


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