Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Living On The Edge....

OK, so X went to hang with my mom and "work" with her and my dad at my dad's garage. (My mom does the office stuff). I took J with me and we went to do a little shopping. I got a bday gift for my FIL and got a Mother's Day gift for my MIL...but I haven't found anything for my mom yet...she is soo hard to buy for...ANYWAY~ so we are driving home and I am listening on my radio to Family Life Network. I love that radio station!! If you click on that can listen online!!

Well...when I turned it was in the middle of a program. The speaker was Chip Ingram. I have never heard of him till today. Not sure if others have or not? Well....what he was speaking on was on the topic of "house or home?" and it dealt with a lot of stuff about what scripture says about the women's role and the man's roles in marriage.

Apparently...his broadcast ministry is called "Living on the Edge". I totally love how he talks and just really loved his thoughts on stuff. The part I heard was from "House or Home: Is there a woman in the house?" Part 1. Here is the introductory snippet from his site~

"The role of women has been changing for the past four decades, yet the question remains: "are women living more fulfilled lives today?" On today's edition of Living on the Edge, Chip Ingram provides a fresh perspective on this question - and his findings just may surprise you."

It is a wonderful, wonderful message about God's love for everyone and this was focusing on women and I really enjoyed it! I plan on listening to the other messages he has on his site! You can go HERE if you want to see a list of them!!! I really encourage you to listen to at least the one I heard. (the text is from Ephesians 5) Even if you just put it on while you are browsing websites or searching on ebay or cleaning around the room...turn it on your browser and just will be blessed!!!

I just really wanted to share that with you all. You never know...maybe YOU are the one who needs to hear this. You could be the reason I felt the pressing and urge to share this site on here!!! Enjoy and if you listen..please let me know...I would love to discuss it with you!!!! xoxo


  1. Katy, I didn't manage to listen to the whole message, but what I did hear was GOOD! This guy talks so much sense! Thanks for sharing the link.

    Love, Tina :)

  2. I will listen in more depth, just wanted to check in with you and say HI! I like what I am reading so far, and think we should all live on the edge as Christians, Only giving hope to a dying world.

    I Hope you come visit,

  3. Thanks for sharing this link!I will listen to it later and let you know what I think!Maybe we can discuss it together via e-mail!!Have a blessed night!!

  4. Wow, I feel very compelled to listen to that message. I'm not sure if it's meant for me or not, but I am definitely intrigued. Sometimes it's overwhelming trying to be the woman that society has deemed is the standard: the soccer mom, the cook, the maid, and partial breadwinner. It's insane! I hope that after I listen to it I will feel more in tune with what God wants me to do!

    Thank you for posting that!

  5. I'll listen to this today! Thanks for the info...
    I am tagging you to list 6 quirky things about yourself!
    I hope you can participate! Thanks Hazel

  6. I LOVE the Family Life Network. I grew up listening to them, and when I go home to visit my parents, that's the radio station I always re-set my pre-sets to in the car.

    Chip is one of my favorites to listen to - he is such an anointed man!



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