Friday, May 2, 2008

I Joined Weight Watchers!

Well....after failing over and over again trying to lose weight (I would do good...quit and then gain it some) I finally decided to join Weight Watchers. I went to my dr yesterday and got weighed. And she told me that of all the things she has heard that works...Weight Watchers is the best and most successful. I actually left the office, crying...because I was hoping she would prescribe me some sort of diet pill to help me in my weight loss....and she didnt. I was sooo upset...then I came home and after crying a bit more...I realized that maybe God wants me to learn to rely on Him for help...not pills. So I bucked up and joined WW and now have one day under my belt! WOOT!
I am happy I started on May will help me to say "I lost X amount of weight since May 1st, 2008". My sister (who doesn't have NEARLY as much to lose as I do) joined as well!!! It will be nice holding each other accountable! I joined the online version of WW....not where you go to the meetings.
I have prayed about this....and I know God is in control and I can do "all things through Christ who strengthens me". I already feel better knowing I am finally doing something about this extra weight!!! YIPPEE! Have any of you tried WW? Did you like it? Any advice, tips or comments? Also...if you have weight to lose...and want to join me on this endeavor...I would be thrilled!!! So far, I have signed up for 3 months on WW online. It cost $65. (Seems like a lot..but that is only $5 a week!) I am ready to be healthy and live right!!! :o)

ALSO~ a huge thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about parenting. I appreciate the support and encouragement you all gave! I apologize for not replying to each one of you...but know that I read your comment and appreciated each of them completely!I hope you all have a FANTASTIC friday! xoxo


  1. Congratulations on the decision to join WW. I started back in Feb. I have had some peaks and valleys, but the program overall is great. I actually go to a local meeting and it is great. Everyone there is just like me, trying to be healthy. Even if they have already met their goal weight, they still struggle to keep it off. This is not a diet, but a life style change that will help my entire family. Stop by my blog sometime if you want. God Bless You.

  2. so far - so good! keep it up! we'll be awesome and sharing clothes! and... maybe we can finally go shopping for that "little black (modest) dress"!! LOL! :)

  3. Good for you Katy! I have done WW and it really does work. I just might join you in the quest for weight loss. For me weight loss/eating healthy is an on going battle. Good luck!

  4. Way to go, Katy! I know quite a bit of people who have been very successful with WW. I have been trying to lose some of this extra baby weight. (Can I please still call it baby weight even though Amelia is a year old? Please?) Anyway, I want to fit back into my summer clothes b/c I don't really have any I fit into now... and it's getting HOT down here!! I have been watching my portions and walking and doing exercise DVDs here at the house. Good luck, Katy! I'm with you!

  5. Best wishes Sweetie! It is awful hard to stick with an eating plan when you have a family....but I know you can do it!!! :-) Rosie

  6. I`m so excited for you,Katy!!Maybe I`ll start eating right agaun.I need to lose alot of weight.I`ve battled with weight loss my whole life!!Start walking with the kids!That was a big help when I lost some weight about 2 years ago!

  7. Katy,

    The very best to you and your sister. Losing weight is a challenge but I know you can do it! :) It won't be long before you will look back and say that May 1st was just the beginning! :)

  8. Katy,
    You will do great. I joined Weight Watchers on December 29, 2007 and have lost 35.8 pounds to date. It does get easier - I know you will have enormous support from your family but you will also have God's blessing and love as you improve your health and well-being. I am here, every step of the way. I cannot wait to see the wonderful results you will get!! Oh, and Walk Away the Pounds DVD with Leslie Sansone are the best - so wonderful, inspiring and she is very faith-filled in her journeys with you. God Bless and Good Luck!!

  9. Congratulations on your new journey! And what fun it will be to do it with your sister. So much fun when you have a partner. I've never done WW but have heard excellent reviews! I too need to lose weight. Your bloggy friend will be there with you for love and support!

  10. Congratulations Katy! That is such a big commitment and I know you can do it. How nice that you'll have Nen there to support you and celebrate with!

    Maybe you can give us some pointers from time to time. I could use some help to. I am way too in love with chocolate.


  11. I go to WW too, with my knee I couldn't exercise so I know I would have lost more, but now I can start to walk and yes, I have the l.Sansone DVD's too and they are great, get the one with the fast walking on it,14.98.
    Also at Walmart there is candy by WW that is only 1 pt a piece and it is so good! Good Luck!!

  12. Hi, Katy!

    It was so nice of you to visit my Nook/Blog. I had done WW a loooong time ago and had lost 40 pounds on it. Then I just started eating wrong again.

    I could blame my weight gain on "baby fat", but people look at me funny when they ask who old my baby is and I say......uh, 14!! lol

    You are right when you said in your post that it is better to do it with someone, that way you can be held accountable. Plus it makes it easier when you have someone elses shoulder to cry on when you have had that extra 5 pts because you just HAD to have that bowl of Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch! (did I just tell on myself?) lol

    Keep up the good work, girl! We all need to stick together and when we do, we can accomplish ANYTHING!


  13. Sounds like a fun venture. Double fun as you can do it with your sister. :)

    My personal view on weight loss is to stop focusing on losing weight. Get focused on taking care of the body temple that God has gifted us with to be stewards of. Get focused on health and a lifestyle change. Weight loss will be a natural byproduct of this. I say eat ALL the fresh raw fruits & veggies you want. Fruits are sugar, eat them in moderation. Eat all the veggies & dark green leafy's you want to. Cut out processed foods and sugar, pop, coffee, those types of things. In cooking and baking, use whole wheat pastry flour instead of all-purpose white flour, but keep breads (flour recipes) to a minimum.

    An excellent Bible study for ANY food issue is FREE and on-line and oh, so simple. It is: Click on "Our Courses" then click on (under Food Issues) "The Lord's Table" It is a 2 month Bible study. ANYONE can GREATLY benefit from it, even if you are doing weight watchers, no matter what you are (or are not) doing. :) This is the most painless, easiest, effective Bible study I've ever done.

    Blessings!!! :)

  14. Hi Katy, count me in on the weight-loss have inspired me! I'll be posting on it soon...

    Love, Tina :)

  15. Katy, thank you for your sweet encouragement on my blog...I wish you all the very best go girl!!

    Love, Tina :)

  16. I just visited their site, and then got redirected to the Dutch site.. appearantly, we pay 65 EURO for that three months subsciption.. which is about 90 dollars....

    So I think you got yourself a deal there! *lol*

    Greetings frm the netherlands!


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