Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Countdown to Romania!

As I had mentioned previously, my husband, Chris, is going on a mission trip to Romania. He will be going there for 12 days. It was going to be 10 days...but they would have had to take different flights and layovers. If they left a day earlier and came home a day later...they would be able to get direct flights there and back home...that was easier and so that is what the team leaders decided to do.
He will be leaving in 22 days. I know he is nervous. Nervous to fly (he has never flown before..let alone over the Atlantic ocean!), nervous to leave us for almost 2 weeks, and nervous to be somewhere he has never been before. I am nervous for all the same reasons for him....and nervous to be taking care of house, kids, animals etc all while he is gone! Plus...i have NEVER been away from him this long.
Chris and I trust God's plans and that He will take care of us. I really feel this is God's plan for Chris to go over and I feel we both can learn many lessons from it. We are both making journals of our time away from each other. I will tell him what the kids and I did each day, how we are doing, how i am feeling etc.
He was able to raise (through fundraising and generous donations from family and friends) all his money to go. I ask for your prayers for him...and for me as well. This will be difficult for each of us. So, please remember us during your prayer time. I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much! :o)
I hope you are all having a fantastic week!!! ** Tomorrow is Weigh In day!!! WOOT!!!**


  1. Hi Katy,

    While I was reading your post today, I was reminded of Philippians 4:6. When you have a second, you can read it. I have to read this and remember this daily in my own life.

    I will be praying for both of you as this exciting "once in a lifetime" adventure of spreading the Word of God comes alive in your life!!

    Much love,
    (Love Conquers All)

  2. Hello just stumbled onto your blog.

    I can understand your nervousness (is that a word?)

    My good friend has gone to Romania several times and says it is just beautiful.



  3. I'm so happy he's able to go. What an amaing trip thhis should be.
    You'll be fine while he's gone. Of course we are Military so my hubby has went places often & actually around the time your hubby will be gone mine has to go for his annual NG training & will also be gone for 2 weeks. So I'll help ya=)
    I can't wait to hear all about it though!

  4. Wow that trip came up fast. What a gift he will bring to the mission trip. What a special person to do such a wonderful thing for others!

    I can't wait to hear about the stories he tells when he comes back!

  5. Imagine the wonderful adventures ahead for all of you, Katy! I have no doubt that you will all grow so much as a result of your husband's mission trip. Such a singular experience and a terrific opportunity to share of yourselves with others.

    And you won't be alone...

  6. Katy - I will keep you all in my prayers! I know that you will be fine. My DH has traveled all over the world for business and I was alone with the kids and pets and house and responsibilities for at least a few days each month and sometimes more. You will do fine - you are a strong and resourceful woman. And what a wonderful thing your husband is doing.

    Please keep us updated when the times comes.

    blessings and hugs, Linda

  7. I too was reminded of Philippians
    4:6.You know what might help?Take some tome to make little note cards with passages of scripture on them.Maybe the kids can even help.Get colored markers,pencils,pens,whatever.Then hang them in your room,bathroom,kitchen,place some in your car,so that you will always be reminded of the promises God has made!That might help you to stay encouraged as you prepare your heart for your hubbys trip and also as he is away!
    I prayed for the two of you as well!I know many blessings will come from your husbands obedience to the Lord!!!Have a blessed day!!

  8. You guys will be so blessed for this sacrifice and service! I'll definitely be remembering you in my prayers.

  9. Katy,

    I will definitely keep your husband and your family in my prayers! How blessed he will be and you all too when he comes back and shares with you!

    My brother has gone to Honduras the past two years and I think he'll go every year now! He has been blessed from it!

    Also, my daughter, Joy, and I have been reading books on missionaries in her schooling the past few weeks. We just got finished reading, Catching Their Talk in a Box about Joy Ridderhoff. We just had a conversation about mission work and then I came up here and read your blog!

    Ya'll have a great Thursday!

  10. Well done both of you for following the Lord's leading, in spite of your worries or concerns. The Lord will protect you all and as you say, you will both learn a lot from this experience. Whenever my hubby and I have had to be apart I scheduled myself to be busy, busy, busy and to see my friends and family a LOT! There is nothing sweeter than re-uniting with hubby again, it's lovely! Praying for you...

    Love, Tina :)


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