Monday, March 17, 2008

We lost one of our girls......

Look at her....laying in the driveway...blood and feathers all over *sob*. I know it's just a chicken....but I am still soo incredibly sad. She is the only one that had a name...Dipstick. I know...silly name, huh? But she was so silly. She would fly the coop and at night..she wouldn't go in the coop...she wanted to sleep at the top of a small wooden was crazy! Poor girl...I am bummed.
She is still laying in the driveway. I can't bear to move her. Chris will have to do it when he gets home. I think our cat, Jack...who used to be an inside cat till he couldn't seem to control his bladder..(YUCK)...he is now an outside cat...;o) well...I assume he is the one that got her. Looks like she put up quite a fight. I am bummed. (i know, i keep saying that...but i really am!) Just wanted to share.


  1. AWWW sorry! It doesn't matter what animal it is, they are all part of our little families, aren't they?


  2. eeeeeew!! you actually posted a pic of the dead dipstick!? yuck! you could've maybe just stuck with the feathers! LOL! ok--seriously though.. that stinks... jack is just horrible!! yuck!

  3. ::hugs:: I'm sorry about your little chicken! I always thought would be the hardest part of farm life for me to deal with, losing animals.

  4. Oh no, Katy.... I hate when that happens! :(
    We lost one of our girls just last week... one minute she was there, and then she was gone and all I found was a little pile of feathers... we think it was a fox. I'm so sorry- I know how you feel!
    ((((BIG hug))))

  5. sorry about the little one.

  6. How very sad Katy!! I am so sorry you had to wake up to that.

  7. Oh, Katy, I am sorry to hear that. Poor little thing...bless his heart!

  8. Oh Katy! I am so sorry that you lost your sweet Dipstick! She sounds like she was a very special girl to you. My heart is so sad for you...


  9. I am so sorry Katy. It doesn't matter that it she was a chicken. I cried when I lost my rooster, Joseph. I am so sad for you and Dipstick. (I think its a cute name!)

    Warm hugs,

  10. I just revisited the picture of you poor dead chicken. It does suck. Are you getting any more this year?
    I am only down to 8 so I'm definitely getting more.
    My favorite one won't get off her nest. I'm hoping she is just brooding, but I'm worried about her. I hope she does not die too.
    The good thing about it, is I can pick her up and pet her ;)


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