Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Clean With Me!

Monica is hosting Spring Clean 2008. You can follow along HERE. I am going to attempt to try it as well...although it will be difficult. It isn't spring yet here...and although we had a warm day a couple days is freezing again with lots of ice and snow. It's so hard to get in the spring cleaning mood when you can't open up all the windows and dust out the house....know what I mean? But I am going to give it a good try! She is even offering prizes! How fun is that? So anyone who wants to join in...please do! It will be fun! And if you are joining in..please leave me a comment and let me know..i would love to be cleaning buddies! LOL

Here is my cleaning schedule (It all happens within the month of March):

5th and 6th~ Kitchen

7th and 8th~ Dining Room

10th and 11th~ Both Bathrooms (the upstairs bathroom is only a half bath...really easy)

12th and 13th~Living Room

14th and 15th~playroom/sunroom and laundry room area

the week of the 17th through the 22nd~ I will be focusing on all the upstairs bedrooms and the hallway

24th through the end of the month~ Analyzing what I have done and finishing up anything that needs finished!


  1. Katy!

    So glad you're planning to clean with us! Look forward to seeing your schedule and the progress of your home!


  2. ahhh... to clean or not to clean.... i think... not. lol!

    hey i hear that NKOTB is getting back together! LOL!!!

  3. I am joining in the Spring Cleaning fun!

  4. What a schedule! I love the idea but don't know if I could keep up. I'll have to take a peek at that challenge and see if I can do it. I sure would love to have everything caught up before warm weather sets in. Best wishes to you, Katy!

  5. wow, I'm worn out jus thinkng about all of the cleaning you'll be doing! Your pics look great though, great job! You have such a cute house :)


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