Thursday, March 27, 2008

Progress so far......

Well...i haven't really "spring cleaned" these rooms...So I am not entering them in The Homespun's Heart's Spring Clean 2008. But I am just generally picking up the rooms and such...they get to be such a mess when not kept up with...ya know?And I thought I would share some pics with ya anyway! ;)

I started with J's room. I wiped things down and straightened it up and vacuumed. Let me tell ya....trying to clean while still nursing a cold and dealing with your two lil boys is a TOUGH job! LOL The boys wanted to be in a here they are in the pic below. Notice we only have curtains for our upstairs doorways. The upstairs is super small and never had doors. The only room that has a door is our bedroom (well..and the 1/2 bath...LOL).

Next, I cleaned up X's room. His room has NOT been redone...notice, ugly walls, ceiling and carpet. We don't have closets in our house...AT the other half of X's room is a closet...where things are kept and clothes hung up. His room used to be our storage room area (one big closet) until I went through everything in the room and purged stuff and organized it and now it is his room!!! Notice in the pic on the bottom....paint on the wall....yep...X was being artistic...ARGH. I tried to get it off....but didn't have much success. Just made it worse. I may need to try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or something. Our house is a work in progress.....definitely! LOL
I plan on working on M's room later on today...if I can. If not..there is always tomorrow... ;o)


  1. Hey Katy,
    Love the paint on the walls!Our house is small too.We don`t have closets in the bedrooms either.The kids all share a room for now.They also don`t have a door because we were in the process of laying carpet before hubby`s injury.The curtain is a good idea though.Thanks for sharing the pictures.I love seeing how other peoples homes are set up!Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Tagged you on my blog Katy!

    Your a busy lady, and have a beautiful cozy home. Hope your all feeling better!

  3. I love the stencil on J's walls! That is so cute! I am still cleaning over at my house...I cleaned and rearranged my oldest's room. He thought that was the coolest, his bed in a different spot. :)

    Hope you and the family get better soon!

  4. Love your site. I just found it awhile ago from another site. Love your decorating and your joyful heart in creating a warm home for your family.


  5. We don't have any closets either! LOL! Lord willing our next house will.

  6. something we learned when we visited England..older houses don't have closets as you were taxed per room and a closet was considered a 'room'..hence no closets....
    and your rooms are lovely...I too love to see how other people me good ideas!

  7. Katy, I just love the painting in J's room. Did you do the sponging yourself? It looks awesome!

    I'm so glad the boys are in the picture. They are the nicest decoration you have.

    You know, I LIKE the curtains. They add old-world charm to the rooms.

    Now don't overdo it young lady. I did that when I had that bug and was back in bed for a week afterward! You need rest. Lots of rest. And good books. And pampering. Doctors orders!

    Blessings, Lea


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