Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A phrase I can't stand!

"I'm bored"

I can't stand that phrase. My kids will say it and I about fly into the roof! How can anyone ever be truly bored? Now, honestly, I am sure I have said that phrase many times in my lifetime....but lately...anytime I hear it...I think "how can one possibly be bored?" There is always cleaning that could be done, or reading, or singing or playing and using your imagination. There is absolutely NO time for boredom in our lives.


Also, I thought about what God must think when we say we are "bored". Ya know? There is plenty of things in this world to do...including prayer. You can pray anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Now...this is not to say we shouldn't have a time of rest. I totally think rest is important...and required by God.....during times of rest though...we should never be "bored". We should sleep, read, pray, do a relaxing hobby or spend time with family and friends, fellowshipping.

This is my challenge for myself and anyone who reads this....the next time you are tempted to say "I'm bored"....instead say "I'm blessed" and start to pray! And during that prayer....we can even ask God to give us something to do to glorify Him during our time of "boredom"...such as making cards and sending them to people who are sick or just to say you are thinking about them. Or maybe turn on some praise music and just lift up in worship to God!

I dunno...that all has just been laying on my heart lately and I wanted to share it! :) Today I will be attempting more spring cleaning...but we will see how it goes....LOL. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!! xoxo


  1. Oh what a great idea Katy!
    I get so frustrated when my kids say that but I never thought of it in that way. Thanks for the great post!

  2. I can remember saying that only a few times when I was growing up, because if Mom heard me, she would say "well I have something for you to do then" and then it was always some gosh-awful chore like pulling weeds or cleaning out my closet! I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I learned real quick not to say that around her! LOL

  3. LOL you know I am with farm chick....I said it a couple times when I was growing up and straight away the answer would be "if you're that bored, I have something for you to do" and it usually included a chore that I completely hated LOL

    My kids do the same thing, I always tell them they have TONS of toys to play with, books to read, watch a movie or play a game or go outside or something.

    Best is that Nicholas, the 4 year old, will come up to me and say "I'm bored mommy, can I play a BOARD game" LOL He thinks board games are for when you're bored LOL

    Great idea though, I love that.


  4. Wonderful post katy, I'm right there with you. My girls come up and say I'm bored, there's nothing to do. And I think the same thing, There is plenty of things to do or use your imagination. Sometimes I'll throw in some ideas for them like make some barbie clothes with toilet paper or build a secret hideout with some sheets and the chairs. It drives me batty when I hear it. Now I know how my parents felt. :-) I've actually got them learning to sort clothes and use the washer and dryer now ;) So much for bored!!!

    LOL, it was the same with me when I was growing up. The word Bored became a word not to say at home. They had me doing dreadful chores, but you know what.. I learned a lot from doing those chores, How to mow, How to clean, and so on. So I agree, I was Blessed (not bored)

  5. Hey Katy!Great post!I now have a completely new outlook on that phrase:)Have a wonerful day:)

  6. I just love the way you think girl!! Great post!

  7. So right!
    Once a woman told me, "I got bored staying home with my son. I had to get a job." I was flabbergasted. Was her house spotless? Did she not have any hobbies? There is so much stuff I would enjoy doing that doesn't get done because of the stuff that HAS to be done - like meals.

  8. I'm with farm chick, Katy. Of course, my boys are a bit older and they know if they even begin to utter that dreaded phrase, they are committed for at least the next couple of hours to those "gosh-awful" chores that they avoid at all costs! LOL

    Now I am one of those people that never gets bored. I have enough projects on my "want to do" list for two more lifetimes!

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. I learned at a very VERY early age to NEVER say those unpardonable words!!!!! I, too, got loaded down with chores that would keep me busy for a week!

    I'm with Lea! I have so many "want to do" things that I'll never get them all done.

    Thanks for a wonderful post!



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