Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Church Easter Play!

Here is Chris..being silly...i told him I wanted a pic of him..and he was posing and being weird!! LOL

Our church puts on a pretty large Easter play that runs for 4 nights. We did 2 this past weekend and will do one next friday and Saturday as well. I am in charge of the nursery. Chris has 2 parts in the play...he is a disciple....and then he plays a totally different part of hanging on a cross beside Jesus. he is the thief who doesn't get saved. I hate to watch it and haven't done it yet. Chris's mom saw the play last night and she said she has to plug her ears so she can't hear him when he cries out in pain. The older two kids are in it and just love singing the songs etc. The play is exhausting and a lot of work...but is totally worth it to all the cast and crew if one person is saved because of it...or if one person really understands what Christ did for each one of us!

Chris and Me

J just turned 2 in I kept him with me in the nursery. I didn't even take pics of him with me...aack..I will have to do so next weekend! :o) But I do have pics of my other two!!!
Here's a couple of X:

Here is my sweet M....see her eyes? She was so tired. I think she has a sinus infection. I am going to keep her home from school today and see if I can get her into the doctor.


  1. Gosh, Katy, J is your little Mini-Me in that close-up picture! LOL

  2. Beautiful family!! And your artwork is great too, good luck on Sunday!

  3. Katy, great photos!
    I hope your daughter will be feeling better soon1


  4. Beautiful family! And looks like you have a ham for a husband! :)

  5. Beautiful family! And looks like you have a ham for a husband! :)

  6. How fun that they are all in the play! M's eyes are beautiful, they look just like yours :)

    Oh and my hubbie does the goofy poses too, but he usually makes a face so I can't use any of them! Silly boys :P

  7. Oh Katy, I wish I could go to the play too. Sounds wonderful! The children are so adorable. What a trooper little M is! And I alway love seeing photos of you and Chris. They make me smile!

    Most of all, I'll be prayer that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of those that see this play so that they might come to know the truth of God's love for us!

    Be blessed,

  8. Great photos Katy :)

    Hope your daughter is feeling better.

  9. Wish I could see the play!!!! Your family is so sweet! They all look "squeezable!" Cora

  10. Looks like he'll have to dye his hair.... black! hahaha ;)

    .. This comes from a person who's in a church that always has a black Jesus - and Mary - and Joseph - and one VERY blonde king in Christmas plays, so don't take it anywhere near seriously!

    greetings from the netherlands!


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