Thursday, March 27, 2008

M's Room

Well, I got M's room cleaned today as well. First I rearranged it...I know it looks kinda cluttered..but the room is super small...and the girl loves to save things and "decorate" her own way...and I like for her to be able to express herself that way and so I don't get super picky about it. Also...I know the thing hanging in the corner is meant to go over the bed...but it drives her we hang it at the end of the bed now! LOL Oh..and see those dragonflies hanging over the curtain? They light is sooo pretty in the dark!!! M made her own bed....she always does. She does a pretty good job..don't you think? I just wish i could get X (my four year old) to make his as well. Also..If you havent can look HERE to see pics of the boys' rooms!
Oh..and the sun's eyes in the middle pic look like they are different colors...but they aren' must just be how the flash is reflecting off them! :) I am still coughing a lot. I need to relax...but sometimes it is hard when you have stuff you want to do...know what I mean? I hope you all had a fantastic Thursday!!! xoxo


  1. What a cute room! She's one lucky little girl!

  2. She must LOVE that room! Relax? I always feel better just digging in and getting stuff done. Hope you'll be feeling better soon...

  3. Oh my gosh katy!That room is too cute!Did you hand paint all of that scenery?It`s beautiful!Can I hire you to come and paint for us?Lol!Have a great night,and thanks for sharing the pictures:)

  4. It is just adorable! Olivia has a similar "hanging thing" and it is in the corner of her room too! We have a little chair under the netting and it is she calls it her reading nook.

  5. What a little dream room? I can't imagine anything nicer for a little girl. I adore the little fence around the bed. Very clever!


  6. Katy, what an adorable room!!!
    My daughter wants to know where you got the dragon fly light-ups on the curtains?
    Take care

  7. Did you paint the walls? I love 'em!
    When I get a new house could you come paint my walls? Please! LOL.

    I think it's great that you let her decorate. My parents always let me have my room the way I wanted, and I really enjoyed that.


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