Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I killed Dipstick :*(

Apparently, I am the one who killed our chicken....I had taken M to the dr on monday cuz she was sick and when I got home, the chicken was dead in the driveway...and my mom said an animal must have gotten it...but the truth came out...I guess I killed her. :( I am just crushed. I had NO idea that she was even near my vehicle!

So...on top of this...let me tell you about how things have been lately...

OK..we've been busy with the easter play we are doing this past weekend and this coming weekend. Then, M has been sick a lot lately...and just not I kept her home Monday and took her to our dr. She is doing better now..but then I got sick sinuses had me all off balance and miserable ~ and while I was out of it basically all day...our dog, Cash, got into the bathroom trash and ripped stuff apart all over the place. He dumped a box of cereal all over the floor and POOPED in the dining room!!!! *cries* Plus, my boys were being stinkers as well. I was feeling horrible and that all made it worse.....

THEN ~ this morning (I am feeling better...WOOT!) I read over a paper of M's..and realized she needed 2 hard boiled eggs for school TODAY!!! AAAACCKKK! So, i thought, "ok..i will hard boil a couple real quick"...I open the fridge..and remembered..DUH...we only have BROWN eggs!!! She can't dye brown eggs at school. I was mother in law (MIL) only lives down the road and she had a couple that M could take. WHEW! Then, I am helping M get ready for school and realize..."ut today her snack day?" and wouldn't you IS her snack day today!!! is grocery day and I don't have enough of anything to she is out waiting for the bus and i am freaking out. Luckily, MIL to the rescue....I called and she had a new bag of Oreos..and she drove up here just as M was getting on the bus to give them to her! How much I appreciate Chris and I's mothers. My mom has always helped us with things when we need it...and MIL was my rescuer! (TWICE!)

If you have made it this far in reading, I thank you...and apologize for has just been ZANEY!!! I am praying for a better day from this point on!!! I think I need a nice relaxing bath and a good book! LOL


  1. Poor baby! A good 4-5 hour soak in that mahvelous tub of yours will make it all better. Have a great day, Katy!

  2. Just remember we all have days, weeks like this. Hope your day gets better!

  3. Oh katy!You poor thing!I am sendig huge hugs your way!I hope you have a better day tomorrow:)That is fantastic that your mother inlaw helped like that.My hubbys mom is great like that too.I think God is so amazing!He blessing us with living angels in the midsts of confusion,and trials!Have a blessed day!!xoxo

  4. Oh Katy, sounds like you really had a bad day, go soak in the tub for a couple of hours, it will do your body and mind good :)

  5. wow... at least you realized everything before M got on the bus!! Even if it was last minute!! if you ever want me to make her snacks for snack day--just let me know... i don't mind, really!

    and don't worry about dipstick.. i mean, you can't help it... although i would probably not be happy about it either!

    if it makes you feel any better--work is BORING today!!

  6. Katy, we all have days like this!! You make sure you soak in that tub and grab a good book!!!!!
    Hope your week gets better~

  7. Oh, Katy -- I hope things are looking up! I've never run over a chicken, but I can totally relate to the rest of your post: sick kids, hard-boiled eggs, and a cupboard that's just begging to be restocked. THAT'S the kind of week we've had here too! Yikes! Glad I'm not alone...

  8. Sounds like us when we are getting ready to head out the door! (except for the chicken). Hope everyone is starting to feel better...we have been having the ickies at our house too!
    Hope the rest of the week gets better for. So sorry about your chicken.

  9. wow, what a day you had! I hope things are much brighter for you today! Good MIL's are great :)

  10. Big huge hugs for you sweet Katy!!

  11. I hope you were able to get a good soak in - with LOTS of bubbles.

    Sometimes it's like you go from putting fire after fire out! And there isn't a break. But know that you are a wonderful mother and you care so much and so well for your little ones. That is all they will remember - your love for them!

    And again - I am SO sorry for sweet Dipstick!

  12. Bless your sweet heart, Katy. You sure need some pampering, don't you?


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