Monday, March 3, 2008

Guess What???

It is still winter here in Western PA....yessiree, with lots and lots of snow on the ground too.....however...I have my windows open!!!!! Am I crazy? Not at all! (OK...maybe a little LOL) but it is an absolutely gorgeous day here. It is warm out....all the icicles hanging from my house are melting and the air smells like SPRING!!! No joke! It is wonderful! I opened up some windows and am totally loving it! I am just soo looking forward to spring....and I absolutely love when I can smell it in the air!!! The pictures I have posted here are of my backyard....I just took them...doesn't it look gorgeous? I can't wait till all that snow melts!

Cash seems to be adjusting nicely to the family. We're still working on the barking...and he does like to chew...but I keep trading the kids' toys for his own toys. LOL It's a reason for the kids to keep their toys cleaned up!!! WOOT! LOL
Right now...he is laying on his doggie bed...and Ruthie (our lil terrier mix) is laying on my bed. Gosh it is sooo nice not to have them barking at one another! Whew!

Anyway...thank you all for your wonderful comments on my different posts! You are all so kind and I really appreciate it! I hope you all have a fantastic day! (I plan on doing some spring cleaning....since I am starting to feel springy!!!!)



  1. Hey, there! You are also from PA?! Cool! The snow is quickly melting here in the center of the state. We built a huge 7' snowman on Saturday and his face has melted off already this morning! LOL

    I have hope that spring will be here...eventually! :D

  2. I'm starting to get that springy itch too! But, I am afraid we probably still have a whole lot of winter left up here in Vermont. :( Spring will come.... it always does!


  3. Wasn't it a glorious day? We actually made it to the mid-fifties here in the mountains. We let the kitties get some fresh air on the screened porch. All of us were happy campers! :-) Rosie

  4. I had my windows open this morning. It felt heavenly! It was warm enough to melt all of the snow, too bad we now are under a Winter Weather Advisory. Rain turning to freezing rain, turning to ice, turning to snow. I am sure you know that drill very well.

    Oh well, yesterday and this morning was enough to lift my sprits and remind me that Spring is not far away!

  5. Hey Katy,
    Today was so great!My daughter and I went on a long walk today.It was so nice to see the sun shining and people outside!Alot of the snow melted too.Maybe the snow is finally over for us pa people:)mom211911

  6. Those are great snow pics! We don't get snow here where I live, and I miss it from when we had it in NY. Cash is a sweetie! Cute. Always love reading your blog.

  7. I always open my windows as much as I can too. It makes the house so fresh, doesn't it? Our weather was bizarre yesterday and today ... 72 degrees. Amazing! And tomorrow, a snow sleet mix is expected. Can you believe it? Boo-hoo! Like you, I'm feeling springy!


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