Saturday, March 8, 2008

Doing BIG things for God!?

I was blog hopping today...and came across Pearls and Grace. And as I was reading some of the posts....I came across THIS post that really spoke to me! How often do we really want to organize huge events for God? How often do we wish we could minister to millions of people and share His love? Pearls and Grace shared how we can really show his love by "protecting the reputation of others" true. By not gossiping or talking badly about others...even if others are doing it...speaks volumes!

I have been involved in gossiping before....and I called it "venting" about the person. I spoke unkind words that really tarnished my reputation and people's look at my Christian walk. I felt horrible. I repented to God and asked forgiveness of the person. It is sooo easy to gossip..and not even think of it that way. None of us in this world has any room to judge or speak negatively about anyone else...ya know?I think any way we show God's love is doing something BIG for Him! I am so glad I found that post at Pearls and Grace and hope you will read it too. I also believe showing forgiveness is huge. If someone has wronged them forgiveness and that too will radiate Christ's love! Every seemingly small thing we do can really be a BIG thing for God. You never know how the smallest thing you say, way you react, or things you do can affect someone!

Protect and love others by starting with self. Maintain self control over your thoughts, words and deeds. Be slow to anger! I know that I am feeling challenged to really do this. I hope you are too.
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  1. Sooooo glad I found your blog today, for I really needed that reminder! It is so easy to ruin someone's reputation with just a few choice words and then just go on as if nothing was done wrong. But God will honor us if we keep our mouths shut and pray for a loving and forgiving heart instead. God asks us to build one another up, not to tear down, and sometimes that calls for self-sacrifice on our part. Thanks for the timely reminder! And I love your blog! Cora

  2. The "be slow to anger" part is really hard for me lately. I get cranky this time of year-- I think it's from being cooped up all winter. Thanks for the timely words tonight.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Excellent post. That's something I need to work on with certain people.

  4. Hey- me again. ;) Forgot to tell you, but my family LOVED your breakfast casserole. Both of my kids went back for seconds, which is rare! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you so much for your post
    and link to my post and blog.
    That was so kind of you and
    I enjoyed reading your post
    about it all as well...
    I will visit again soon.

  6. Katy, thank you for this reminder of what we are to be as women of God. Self control (especially of the tongue) is an ornament of grace around our necks.


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