Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Birthday Party Fun!

Chris's lil party at my parent's house was fun! My mom got him this chicken hat and made him wear it. Isn't it TOO funny?? LOL In the above pic he is showing off (with a weird face) his authentic Johnny Cash autographed picture! My parents got him this for his birthday gift!

Here he is checking out his cake that my sister made!!! LOL He didn't get it at first...but once he did...he was cracking UP!!!! LOL

Here is a pic of me and Chris....the stinker. I am smiling all normal and he is making a crazy face. Doesn't he look scary there?? LOL

J soooo wanted a pic taken of I took one and thought it turned out cute so I wanted to post it. Look at my poor lil guy's mouth. He gets so chapped. My other 2 kiddos were like that when they were younger too. They all just have such delicate skin.

So....the party was a success. Everyone had a great time and had a ton of fun! We laughed most of the night! :) Chris said thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes you all sent his way on my previous post!


  1. I was wondering how his party went! Looks like loads of fun!!!!


  2. Thanks so much Cathy!!! :)

  3. Aww, Happy Belated Birthday Chris!
    You guys look so cute together! What a nice mommy you have. That chicken hat is so funny LOL.

  4. oh, you guys are too cute! i'm glad you had so much fun :)

  5. Love the chicken hat! Very funny! Glad everyone had a good time.

  6. He looks like such a fun guy!! Glad it was a success... the chicken hat was SO him! ;)


  7. It takes a very big man to wear a chicken hat ~ very cool! I love the photo of you together. So sweet!

  8. LOL! Love the chicken hat hehe. ;)

  9. LOL I JUST GOT WHAT THE CAKE WAS.....a toilet hehe so funnY! ;)


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