Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still snowing...wanna see???

Can you see the snowflakes flying in the pic? It doesn't look too bad in the pics..but it really is snowing constantly. Below is another view of my back yard on the side! (I love our back yard...nice and big!)
And this is out my side window of my bedroom.....you can't tell with the snow..but if you look to the left of this pic below...in the back left corner where the trees are cleared...under all that snow is a basketball/tennis court. Our neighbors had it built a long time ago and let us use it anytime we want...isn't that sooo sweet? They are such kind and thoughtful people. I feel like i have a park right outside my back door!!! :)

And below is just a fun pic i took out a window in my bedroom showing our backyard as well. Doesn't it just make you cold looking out there? You would think being inside that i am all warm and cozy...but no no...tis not the case! LOL Our bedroom (and the room below) is an addition onto our house that we built. Chris hasn't run the heating vents over yet...so it is quite chilly in here! LOL I am soo thankful for the flannel sheets my cousin and his wife gave us for Christmas a few years back...they are the BEST! Although, we only have one thing of flannel sheets...so on "change the sheets day" ...which is every other Monday at my house.....I put on different sheets...regular sheets...sheets that feel like ice when you lay on them for the first time in the night! LOL

M had the day off from school today....the roads are horrible. I am not going ANYWHERE! LOL She may have the day off tomorrow as well. It is suppose to do some freezing rain later. fun fun....eh? LOL My Proverbs post is right below this one for anyone who is interested in reading it and sharing with me. It is on Chapter 4! :)

OH...and tomorrow...I have some exciting news to share with you all about the GLOW from your home ministry as well! I will leave you in suspense until then!!! xoxo


  1. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog! i do try to do a good job on my aprons, and alot of times it is so hard to part with them!
    The Bella Modiste

  2. http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/heather_bailey/2008/01/crowning-around.html ... i don't know if this link will work... but i thought you might like the idea.

    the roads were HORRIBLE!!!! definitely stay home! i almost didn't make it up Evans Street... i had to put 'er into first and slide around trying to ever-so-slowly crawl up. luckily i made it. then dad and chris were out directing traffic... all those trucks from the interstate were creeping along as well! oi!

    throat is getting sore! yikes!

  3. Oh the snow is so pretty. I sure do miss it ....


  4. Oh Katy- I'm so glad you stopped by my place... and I'm thrilled you made me one of your favorites! That's a first for me- I feel I have finally arrived! (LOL) I love your blog and LOVE your photos (I love taking pictures and looking at everybody else's, too) Are your hens Orphingtons? They are beautiful! Your post on Proverbs is great. When I was a teenager (eons ago) and I went out with a date or with friends, my Momma would always say as I headed out the door, "Remember- a good name is rather to be chosen that great riches!"(Prov. 22:1) Lordy, I couldn't have done anything wrong if my life depended on it after that! Enough about me- please come back again soon!
    p.s.- you're on my list now, too!

  5. Hi, was just browsing and found your blog. So inspirational and enjoyable! blessings, Kathleen

  6. Great snow photos! I think it is so calm and peaceful during a snow storm. No better place to be than curled up with a book, hot chocolate, and a camera :)


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