Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some pics from today....

My mom, sister, my boys and I all went 2 hrs away to meet at a restaurant with other family for a surprise 50th bday party for my one Aunt. It was a fun time! She was totally surprised!!! Here a just a few pics from today....LOL (M stayed home and went to a princess bday party for her friend today!)My cousin and Me....not the best pic of me...LOL..but me, nonetheless!! I can't wait till my hair gets long again....i am not really fond of it being short....but oh well!

My baby, J. I love when he scrunches his nose up like that!

My other cousin and Me....being silly. I can touch my nose to my tongue too...i didn't know she was doing that...otherwise, i would have too!!!! ROFL!!! there you have it. Some smiles and a lil bit of silliness! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! xoxo


  1. And I thought my daughter was the only one who could touch her tongue to her nose!! :)

  2. So cute! Now you made me chuckle. I needed that :-)

  3. I can hardly believe I am 42 years old and still so impressionable ... here I sit trying to touch my nose with my tongue! Ouch ... can't do it!

    Looks like a lovely day. How nice!


  4. Hi, Katy! Cute pics! It's fun to see lotsa smilin' faces! :o) Your blog looks lovely...all ready for some spring weather! I know what you mean about missing long hair...I am thinking about growing mine back out b/c I love throwing it in a pony tail (esp. in the summer). I have been sick all this past week (ugghh) so I have missed some of your posts...I'll have to dig back into them tomorrow and catch up on my reading. Just wanted to stop in on ya and say Hi!

  5. Aww, cute! Love your new graphics and header! Woo Hoo! You go girl LOL.


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