Monday, February 18, 2008

Questioning A Heart Tug....

Have you ever had a tug on your heart...that just won't stop tugging? A simple longing and yearning to do something that doesn't really seem possible? I do. It has been eating at me for months and months now.

Did you all know there are over 143 MILLION orphans in the world?? They have no one. It makes me incredibly sad. So sad...that I have looked into adoption. I have looked ALOT into it. But gosh....everything is so expensive. It breaks my heart. I have always wanted a large family...but Chris didn't think we could afford it...and so he took care of it...if you catch my drift. I supported him on it..but still long for more children. Of course, i am blessed and thrilled with the children I have isn't that i am discontent....more that my heart literally aches sooo much that there are children in the world who don't have a family. I can't even imagine. I would love to adopt a child...maybe 3-6 or 7 years old...any race...just to give him or her a life, shelter, food, clothing and most of all love and a deep rooted faith in Jesus. Sometimes I feel so frustrated that the price is sooo high to adopt. These children need homes!!!

I just don't understand why I suffer with this tug on my heart...but the adoption is something virtually unobtainable for me....know what I mean? I know all things are possible with isn't that I doubt Him...I just don't know at all. Another thing that nags at me is the scripture that says we are to care for the orphans and widows. Why do agencies make it sooo hard to do that?? Anyway....this is a plea from me...for anyone who can afford adoption and would take a sweet child into their home...especially kids that are toddlers or older (they get adopted less).....I ask for you to pray about adoption. I cry out on behalf of those children who need you. I pray someday I can adopt too.

You can also sponser a child as well.....

Anyway....thank you for listening...i really appreciate it! I would love your prayers for the orphans in the world...just because we don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. xoxoxo


  1. Every time I read one of your posts, I am amazed at how your heart reflects my own in so many ways. For years, I had a desire in my heart to extend our home to a special needs child. I wondered where the desire would take us, and then our youngest son was born with special needs. I just never imagined that I would give birth to a special child. But the Lord had prepared my heart years before his birth.

    I don't know where your journey will take you, Katy, but the Lord does put those desires in our hearts for a reason. Just keep looking to Jesus and allow Him to fulfill those desires. He will and your family will be blessed in the process!


  2. Have you all thought about fostering? You would be any foster child's dream foster parent.....

  3. Katy I have the exact same feelings. I have wanted for so long to adopt a child but all the red tape and fees etc that are involved with it are completely out of our reach. It saddens me because I would like nothing more than to open my heart and my home to a child.

    I can't even consider fostering though, I don't think I could do it, I get way too attached easily.

    Thanks for the post, you always say what I'm thinking and feeling :)

  4. My heart feels the same way. I know that God sees your heart - all it takes is a willing life that He can use. You just never know the ways He may choose to do that!


  5. Katy~
    Remember what I told you before? God isn't necessarily saying "no", He's just saying "wait". I believe that if you have a heart for adoption, that it will somehow work itself out.
    Trust me, my husband said "no" after our second adoption, but my heart told me that we would go back for a third. And, it just worked out!
    Don't put the desire out of your heart~ it's there for a reason!

  6. Katy,
    You are so sweet.I think I agree with the rest of the comments.There is a reason you have this desire.If God wants it to be,it will be.Pray and wait on Him!Blessings:)Mom211911 The format for leaving our name is different now so i keep having to choose anonymous for my identity:/

  7. Katy, you are an awesome woman, and I totally love reading your blog. I will be praying for you and for all orphans. Like reviewsbyheidi said, God might just be saying "wait" and when He feels the time is right then He'll say "yes".

    In my world travels, I've seen orphans and even played concerts for them. I think one of my favorite concerts was with my All State Band when we were in China. I just wanted to pack up all those kids and take them home in my suitcase - and I was in high school at the time.

    Keep your faith!!!

  8. I am an adoptive mom. We brought our sweet girl home from China last April.

    I agree that is a shame that the cost to underwrite an adoption are so much. There is just so much paperwork involved and almost every piece of paper involved included a fee.

    I never thought I would be a mother. I had almost given up, but God knew the desire of my heart. I know this is hard, you have the desire and want it now. My advise is to continue to pray about it. Give it to the Lord and if it is part of his plan then it will happen.

    I would love to return and bring another child home. I don't think it will happen for several reason, but you never know. What God has in mind for us may be much different then what we think.

  9. i hope one day to adopt as well... of course, i'm not in any sort of situation to do that.... but i believe God knows the desires of your heart, kate... and maybe there is something you can do with GLOW that will help orphans!

  10. We adopted two special needs boys....didn't cost us fact, we got a subsidy from the state until they were 18....don't give up...check with your state adoption...they can help...and God many children need a loving home...
    I am planning on going back into fostering in a year or so...special needs babies which is what we did before we adopted our two...


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