Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Proverbs~A Guide To Successful Living in Christ ~Chap. 5

This is the beginning of 3 chapters where man is warned of the evil and seductive adultress. I take this as a warning to women as well....in 2 respects:

1. To never be the seductive adultress.
~Dress modestly and appropriately
~Do not be flirtacious with other men
~live a pure lifestyle

2. To never be drawn away from my husband by the "male" adultress.
~Do not allow other men speak dishonorable to me or inapporiately flattering
~Avoid men who live a life unpleasing to God
~Enjoy a loving and close life intimately with my husband

We are to enjoy our own marriages. Satisfy and be satisfied within our love and promises to each other.

Verse 15 says "Drink water from your own cistern, and running water from your own well."

Is this talking about water...no. LOL This is talking about staying faithful and not straying! :)

Verses 17-18 say "Let them be only your own, And not for strangers with you. Let your fountain be blessed, And rejoice with the wife (or husband) of your youth."

I would love to hear any thoughts on this or what you got from this chapter of Proverbs! I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!!! Stay warm!!! xoxo


  1. A very important lesson, today.

    I am of the firm belief that a woman puts herself in danger by socializing with men especially in a setting where her husband is not present. I also think that even though it's wonderful to have "girl" talk with your friends, if it ends up a big "bitch" session about your husbands you are sliding down a slippery slope of discontent.

    Of course, this applies to husband's as well.

    Old fashioned, maybe......but I'll live with it :-) Rosie

  2. First I have to say that I LOVE what you've done with your header! The chicken looks happy with his (her?) flowers! :)

    And second... don't you wish everyone took marriage as a serious commitment? So many people "stay married" but there's no joy in it for them, or, they divorce as soon as things get bumpy. Marriage is hard work sometimes, but so worth it!

    I don't have a problem with having male friends, nor with my husband having female friends- I think it's healthy and normal. I would have a problem if those friendships crossed the line from casual friend into sharing something you should only be discussing with your spouse-- deep personal conversations, etc.

  3. Katy, I LOVE the new look, it's beautiful :)

    I really enjoyed your post, it's sad how a lot of young couples take their marriage for granted and as a joke. If only everyone would committ fully to their marriage.

    I agree with Amy, I don't have a problem having guy friends or my husband have girl friends, but I think it's the way we choose to conduct ourselves that counts.


  4. Great devotion, Katy.

    We might be a bit peculiar, but my husband and I do not have friends of the opposite sex unless they are couples that we intermingle with. And then we are both very careful how we approach and interact with those of the opposite sex within those settings.

    I must agree with Rosie that is dangerous for we married women to socialize with men when our husbands are not present. We must be above reproach in this area and true to our husbands in every way.

    I don't want to even give away any of my "sweetness" to anyone but my beloved.

    I'm really enjoying your reflections and those of our sisters. Thanks.

    Be blessed!


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