Sunday, February 3, 2008

Potato Soup & Warm Crusty Italian Bread!

YUM!!! That is the best word to describe what I thought when I started eating this meal! It was so good and really hit the spot! :) I made the homemade crusty italian bread yesterday and although i didn't let it rise quite high still tasted super good! I got the recipe from my friend mom211911. She doesn't have a blog yet....but hopefully she will start one soon! The bread was delicious! I won't post the recipe without her permission first though....and if she decides to start a blog...I will make sure to add a link for you all to check it out! :)

Then...the potato soup recipe I got from HERE on Lea's blog, Farmhouse Blessings! It was sooo good too...although, I forgot to add the cheddar cheese to the top like she does...that would have made it even better! But if you like potatoes....check out that is good. is a very frugal recipe. Does not take a lot of ingredients! That saves money and it feeds the whole family!

We fed our family of 5 with it and also invited our friends, Chris and Heather over for supper. They seemed to enjoy it as well! Then we had a wonderful evening together talking and laughing! Tonight, although none of us are really rooting for any particular team in the super bowl, we are having a lil party. OK..not a party...but chris and heather and my sister and her boyfriend are all coming over to eat and hang out! Just another excuse for us all to get together!!! WOOT! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday evening! :)


  1. Oh YUM. Potato soup is my favorite. I finally combined several recipes and created my own:

    And now I know what I'll be making for lunch tommorow...LOL! :)

  2. Oh Katy,I`m so glad the bread turned out well for you.You are more than welcomed to share the recipe.I think sharing recipes is a great way to help everyone save money.I can`t tell you what a blessing blogs have been to me!To think that you can encourage so many people and touch so many lives with just a click of a button is a blessing!Also,I want you to konw what an encouragement your blog has been to me.Take care and have a wonderful Lords day:)

  3. Yum! I love potato soup. I see she doesn't mind you sharing the recipe lol! Can't wait to see it.
    Have a great week Katy!!

  4. That bread looks awesome! I envy you breadbakers as I so wish I could learn to make yummy homemade bread. I'm a bit of a "bread snob" and won't eat store bought bread.
    We have a yummy potato soup recipe that we enjoy as well~ soup is so good on these cold PA evenings!

  5. I will be sure to post the bread recipe later!!! :)

  6. Total comfort food! YUM! Looks like something that would hit the spot on a cold Colorado evening!

    Thank you for kind words on my blog! Many blessings to you!

  7. That looks really really good!!! =0

  8. That soup looks good. I haven't made potato soup and homemade bread for my family in awhile. Maybe I'll do that for dinner tomorrow night. I'm really lazy though. I make a soup base with 3 cans of cream of celery soup and 3 cans of milk. Then I add cut up boiled potatoes. Are your chickens Buff Orpingtons? We had 25 Buff Orpingtons a few years ago. But the foxes are crazy here and got to 1/2 of them. So, I gave the rest away.

  9. So glad that you & your family enjoyed the soup! I am anxiously awaiting the recipe for the italian bread. It looks great!



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