Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A little look into my day today.....

This is the view outside my front door. A 100% winter wonderland..notice Ruthie's pawprints in the snow? (Ruthie is our dog) It's quite chilly and M had off of school today (which has equaled lots of fighting among the siblings...ugh). So...for a treat, I made some Reese's Cup Cookies:

Then...with camera in hand...I decided to snap a few extra pics for fun! This first is of a star mirror hanging in my dining room. I have taken pics of it before...but I truly love it and wanted to snap another pic today LOL!

And then I took a pic of each one of my munchkins.....first, here is J (yes..that is egg from breakfast in the corner of his mouth...LOL):

And here is my son X....mischevious little stinker..hehe:

And my sweet M. Growing way too fast for my liking:

I have some more cleaning to do today and laundry as well....also plan on doing some reading. When we are snowed in...I just love to sit and feel cozy in my quilt made by Niki and read! (Notice my quilt behind M's head? Isn't it soo pretty?)

Also...I wanted to share with you my ultimate dream house. It is gorgeous....just stunning. HERE is a short photo tour of is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the colonial style! Just wanted to share! I hope you are all having a great day and if you haven't already check out my previous post on the new GLOW ministry news!!!!! :)


  1. Your children are precious! What a great day to snuggle up, read, and eat cookies :-) Rosie

  2. What a yummy day! Love the pictures, especially the toothless smile! Hope it was a cozy, fun snow day regardless of the fighting. :)


  3. Your cookies looks so yummy! Where did you get the recipe? We got hounded with rain and ice today that it blew a lot of people's power out. Thank God ours hasnt gone off!

  4. Love the kitchen in your dream home!

  5. Reese's cookies?! I'll stop by and get the milk and be over there in a jiffy!!! yummm

  6. Your children are adorable, and I don't think I have ever had a Reese's cookie before. They look yummy!

  7. What a cute bunch of little arrows you have there! Did you save me some crumbs?


  8. Such great pictures- thank you for sharing. I love to see a day-in-the-life of people :)

  9. Your "chitlins" are so cute ... hehe! All those sweet smilin' faces! The cookies look good! I've never had any Reese's cookies before.


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