Saturday, February 9, 2008

Handmade Valentines

My daughter, M, is in Kgarten. I thought instead of buying little valentine's for her to take to class this year....why not make them? So I used Mary Engelbreit sayings and pictures and made these cute little valentines. I think they turned out OK! I thought about dressing them up with glitter etc...and then decided against it. Glitter can end up being a mess....especially for kindergartners! LOL I left the TO and FROM blank so M can fill in the names of her classmates as well as sign hers!Luckily, M's class is small with only 14 or 15 students or so. So, making them wasn't difficult!

The picture above is the valentine for her teacher. M has the best teacher! She is so sweet and a christian lady! I am so glad M has her for a teacher! :)

Well, I am still not feeling totally up to par after being sick earlier this stomach isn't 100%....but oh well. Life goes on! I hope you are all having a great weekend! :) Thanks so much for your kind comments on my previous posts. I love each one of them! :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful!

    How I wish I had the energy to do that with Eve. I just don't right now. We did take the kids to the library for craft time and they made Valentine's there. So much fun :)

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. Hi Katy, I was looking for that bloggy info you sent me a while ago on how to make my blog 3 columns. I am going to try again but can't find the site. could you send it to me again?


  3. i hope M likes the valentines!! i think they are great!!!

    i got more stuff to make some more earrings! i'm excited!

    maybe we'll swing by to drop those shirts off to ya later on! :)

  4. Those are beautiful. I always appreciate things that are made with some extra love and time.

  5. Awesome..I love homemade Valentine's! They are so special and fun memories making them as well!

  6. The valentines look great. Hope you are feeling better! Deb

  7. Katy,
    Sorry to hear you have been sick. Sending you healing prayers and warm thoughts. :-)
    The Valentines are adoreable! I know the children will enjoy them!


  8. did those shirts work for you?

  9. Hey Katy! Thanks for the comment. I went to vote on Tuesday and I voted for Huckabee. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. Katy,
    Thoes valentines are so cute!I wish I had talent like that!That`s great that you do creative things like that with your kids:)

  11. How do you find the time??? Those are awesome!

  12. Those are so cute. What a neat idea!


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