Monday, February 4, 2008

Finished one....started another!

So, as some of you know, I was reading the Heritage of Lancaster County series of books by Beverly Lewis. I finished that series of three books. It was a great series! I really enjoyed it! If you have never read them....I really encourage it. They are not hard to read. Sweet and easy and simple....very enjoyable! :)

Now, I am reading The Covenant, by Beverly Lewis. It is the first book in a series of 5 called Abram's Daughters. So far so good! I am really enjoying it! :) Beverly Lewis has a great way of writing that makes you feel like you are really there...seeing the beautiful sights and smelling the air. I really enjoy it! Has anyone else read this series? What did you think of it?

I won some books in some bloggy giveaways that I mentioned HERE. As well as a couple other books from THIS giveaway! I am so excited! I am really looking forward to reading them as well!!! Reading is such a fun way to travel all over the world and learn many things without ever having to leave your house! I love it! I would also love to hear any more suggestions you all have about some books or authors you enjoy reading!!! Thanks so much!!! :)


  1. I've read all of Beverly Lewis' books and they are really good. We recently saw the movie "Saving Sarah Caine" which is based on a Beverly Lewis book.
    Wow~ you're really getting quite a stack of books to keep you busy! It's a great way to spend those cold winter evening!

  2. I LOVE Beverly Lewis' books! I've read everything by her that my library owns. :) I think the daughters series was my favorite.

    I found another author with a similar style who tells Amish stories... but of course right now her name has escaped me. If I remember it later I'll try to remember to let you know! ;)

  3. Wanda Brunstetter! Of course I thought of it right after I left your blog.

    Oh, and I meant to thank you for telling me about Mandie's craft blog- I love it. I've checked out most of your links over my last few visits to your blog. I think you and I have very similar tastes- I almost feel like I know you in real life. ;)

  4. Aren't thoes wonderful books? I read as many Beverly Lewis books as my library has ... and reread them as well. They're always inspiring and heartwarming.

    ... now I want to go to the library and start the series again!



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