Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Sweetest Surprise!

The kidlets had been quite stinkery today...drove me pretty batty...LOL. So, this evening after supper...for a breather, I went to my aunt's home and garden party and chatted it up with friends. It was really nice. I just got home about half and hour ago...and when i walked in....THIS is what i see hanging in the big doorway:

Isn't it absolutely beautiful!!!??? I just love it and plan on leaving it hang there for a bit. It was such a wonderful sweet surprise! I just have to say...I LOVE my family! <3
Hope you all sleep well! Tomorrow's post (Friday) is going to be least, I hope. It will be about Proverbs and how it is a guide to successful living! ;) Hope you will come back and share your thoughts with me! night! xoxo


  1. "quite stinkery today" I love it! Very well said--I've certainly been there, done that. But, what a sweet surprise they gave you. Doesn't that make it all worthwhile--just knowing how much they really do love you...

  2. What a nice "welcome home" surprise~ it kinda wipes all the stinkery-ness away, huh?
    I used to be a Home & Garden Party Designer, but I gave it up about a year and a half ago. I hear the stuff has really changed since then.

  3. Wow! What great kids you have. Isn't so nice to know that they adore you....


  4. Just when we're about to blow they do these things. Specially swwwweeet!

  5. What a sweet surprise!!!

    Plus a night out, helps to keep you going strong sometimes!

  6. That`s so sweet!I know with my kids they are often fighting and driving me crazy,but then when they do something nice it makes us remember that they`re just kids and in spite of they`re naughtyness at times they do love us!
    Also,about your Proverbs study,here`s an idea.Ttry to stuudy Proverbs according to what day of the month it is.It`s very helpful.The Duggars do that.If you don`t know who they are do a search on them.They have been a real encouragement to me!

  7. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Melts my heart... :o)


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