Friday, January 18, 2008


Do you have trouble praying in front of others? I used to. I used to feel unqualified and super uncomfortable praying out loud in front of anyone...including my hubby. I am an extrovert and chatty even..and i just felt completely out of place trying to pray with others.

However, lately, my relationship with God has been growing and getting stronger. At night, I actually lay in bed and pray aloud to Him. I really love praying out loud. When i first started, I felt weird and silly and then I realized that i am talking to my LORD! How awesome is that? We can have a direct talk with the Creator of the Earth!

Chris and I started at the New Year, doing devotions early in the morning together before the kids get up. We lay in bed together (bad breath and all...LOL) and one of us reads the devotion for the day and then we discuss it. Then the other person prays aloud. I realized praying and talking to God shouldn't be an embarrassing and scary thing to do in front of others. It is such a gift to be able to cry out and worship our Creator directly!

Now, I am not embarrassed to pray with anyone. It doesn't take certain qualifications or anything. It just takes a open and loving heart and spirit. I bring this up because I know it is something I have faltered with in the past and as we are on our mission to GLOW and show people Christ's love...there may be times when praying aloud with someone may be needed! I want to encourage you in your prayer time. First...during your own personal prayer time...speak out loud to him. You don't have to yell...but verbally speak to Him. If you don't already, pray aloud with your husband. This is such a wonderful thing to do together and I can't even explain to you how much it blesses Chris and I.

You CAN pray with someone aloud....just talk to God and praise Him and make your requests known to Him. He does listen..and He loves you! Keep reminding yourself of that! (I definitely have to remind myself of that often) Sometimes we are called to pray for someone...bring us out of our comfort zone and show our faith and obedience. So, if you feel God calling you to pray with someone or someone asks you to pray for and with CAN do it!!!

I would love to hear about your feelings on this and if you need prayer....let me know! I will be more than glad to pray for you! Although, i can't be there to pray with assured your name will be written in my prayer journal and prayed over. Blessings to you all! xoxo


  1. Cory and I always make it a point to pray out loud for meals, even if we're out at a restaurant. The meal doesn't seem complete without praying together first. Unfortunately, I'm not married, so I can't really say much about doing devotions and praying with my husband... but Cory and I do pray together--probably not as often as we should. It's a little hard with our "faith issues" to do devotions, but I hope to start one day soon.

  2. "I think you know me well enough, that I love to PRAY!!! I am not ashamed to pray. At first, Yes, I get a little nervous....but God help everyone, I get going..and going and just love!!

    Your family devotion sounds so incredible, and you encourage me to even be more constant and faithful in that area with my own family!

    Also, I will be emailing you Katy, I spoke to my Sister~in~law, Mica from Garb~oodles Soup(home schooling) last night. I will email you OK~~

    Have an Awesome Weekend!!


  3. Hi, Katy! Thank you for posting this. We have been trying to do devotions everyday but I know we both struggle on the praying out loud together bit. We, too, say grace before meals, and we pray out loud before we start out in the car...but that's about it. That was a good tip to start saying my own prayers out loud. I didn't think of that!! I really think that will help me (I'll keep you posted!). Thanks, Katy!

  4. See I'm still in the embarassed part........mainly because I've got issues with praying LOL I'm the type who feels like I have to do this elaborate prayer and then I get all stupid and stutter and's just a mess. LOL

  5. Katy,
    This is definately an area that I struggle in. I always feel like I don't know what to say and/or that it doesn't flow well. I am working and I know that it will get better. It is nice to know that there is someone else out there who has also struggled.

    Thanks for the post!!


  6. Hi Katy,

    Just dropping in to say 'Hi'. Hope you have a Great weekend!!!

    Linda :-)

  7. Yay!! I can finally post a comment. It had been locking up on me for days but I think we fixed the problem. I love the new button. So sweet of Mandie. Just love her blog=)

    I love this post Katy. I really want to start family devotions. I pray often but I know not enough. That is something I'm changing. Thanks for the post!

  8. Hi,
    I just found your blog and I wanted to comment on this post. I guess you can call me a "closet" prayer. I pray and talk to God all the time, but I'm very shy when it comes to praying out loud, even at dinner time with my own family(how silly is that?!) My kids will fight over who's turn it is to say the dinner prayer, so I guess I'm not raising them to be shy about their faith.
    What struck me most about your post was the line about not be qualified, and I never thought about it, but that is pretty accurate about how I feel.
    Thank you for the post and I will make an honest effort to overcome my prayer shyness.


  9. It's been a few days since I stopped by, I really needed to read this. I'm far from ashamed I'm just shy I guess. Always scared I'll fumble my words.... I always pray out loud with the girls but never by myself. You always write what I need to read. I may not always leave a coment but you touch people. I think you have a gift like that.


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