Thursday, January 10, 2008

Prayer Journal

This is my prayer journal (a Mary Engelbreit one, of course LOL). I write in it the things I need to pray for each day so nothing or noone gets forgotten when I go to the Lord in prayer. It really is a valuable tool to keep you focused when praying (at least for me).

Two things I have been praying alot about lately are 1. a young women's fellowship and 2. to homeschool or not to homeschool. our church we have a Women's fellowship and we meet once a month and have snacks and do games or watch a christian movie or something like that. It is such a great time. But I felt the need (not sure whether to do a bible study with it or just a once a month fellowship time) to get the younger women of the church (like, ages 20-30) together in addition to the Women's fellowship that meets. I think it would be great for us to create relationships and better bonds between ladies of our own age group. I went to my aunt on Sunday (she helps head the women's fellowship) and asked what she thought about that...and she said it was funny i asked because at their last Women's Fellowship meeting they had been talking about something similar! So, I am praying about what God wants to do with this and what the best way to do it is.

And then the homeschool issue. My daughter, M, is the only one in school right now. She is in Kgarten and has a christian teacher and is doing great. The school is pretty small (she would probably have around 100 or so in her graduating class). But homeschooling has been on my heart lately. I don't know if it is God's leading or just my selfish human desire to try and do "the best thing" (in some people's opinion). I am so not sure what to i have been in prayer about that. If I do homeschool....i would start next year. I was not homeschooled. I think there are pros and cons to both sides of it.....but anyway....i guess that is just why I am seeking God's will with it :).

Do any of you have a prayer journal? I know some people have handmade theirs. I like my Mary Engelbreit one though. LOL I would love to hear about or see any you all have...if you want. I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!!! xoxo


  1. A prayer journal is a great idea, you have inspired me to start one!

  2. You are such a special Lady katy!~!! Really a woman after prayer is the best way to go. I love this as well. You are great for mentioning it on your blog. I always wanted to start a prayer group for woman. This has been on my heart for a long time. I will have to get a journal, what a fabulous Idea, Thank you!!

    About Home schooling, I pray you will follow the plans God has in store for you. With his help, "YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH HIM WHO STRENGTHENS YOU.

    If you have any questions you can talk to my sister~in~law Mica from Garb~oodles Soup. Her link is on my blog, she homes schools and is a (Christian too!)

    Have a wonderful Day friend;-))

  3. I had never thought about a prayer journal before. I think this is a great way to keep all of you needs and requests organized!

    I love yours and would be curious to see others.


  4. Katy,

    Your prayer journal is beautiful and an inspiration. Engelbreit's art work always inspires me. Just holding this lovely prayer journal in your prayer closet has got to be so comforting. I love it. So wonderful to see testimony that there are still praying women in our world. :-) Thank-you for sharing this. You have made my day!!!

  5. Just like Erin (above) have also inspired me to start a prayer journal. What a great idea!


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