Monday, January 7, 2008

My Home Organization Binder

So, i have seen many home binders over the internet...and I decided to make one of my own. (I covered our last name though on this pic for obvious reasons). This is where I keep my cleaning plans, meal planning ideas, important phone numbers (family, friends and emergency numbers), recipes for homemade cleaners, and such! I will make sections for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving as keep them organized and places to write down how we can focus on these holidays with values.....keeping Christ the center of each holiday! :)

Here are a few of the pics I took of it (i didn't take pics of the pages with phone numbers on them...again..for obvious reasons) I am still putting it together as it is a long process! I want to do a section for our budget as we keep each months budget in there for a year so we can refer back to it, see what changes need to be made etc.

First, I started with verses. I printed this out from somewhere online...but all it is is Proverbs 31 (I actually need to do it over for myself and reprint it...but my printer is being difficult lately!) Sorry it is blurry...but you get the idea. You could make your own just by looking up Proverbs 31 in your bible! :)

Then there is a numerous page GRAND cleaning plan! I adapted it from one i found while searching the net. I would love to give credit to the original writer of it...but i can't find the site I got it from....everyone can make their own or find one on the net to adapt for your own home! This is a huge cleaning plan that basically covers every inch of your home.

Then I have my weekly cleaning plan. This helps me keep organized on when to get certain things done. When I am super busy..I don't always follow this to a T...but it is still nice to have an outline to follow when I can!

Then I made a page of homemade cleaners (I will be adding more to my list...homemade cleaners save money and are much better for the environment!) Gosh...I am soo not sure why my pics came out so blurry! Sorry!!

This is a home inventory list. I haven't really filled this out yet..but thought it was a good idea to have one! Then you know what you have...when you got it etc. You can keep warranty info or instruction books for your appliances etc in a folder in this section as well if you want!

Meal Planning! I am a huge supper planner. I plan our suppers 2 weeks in advance. This makes grocery shopping easy. Sometimes, though, i can't think of anything to I made myself a list (that i will continually add to as i accumulate more recipes) of different supper options to choose from! I also put in this section a folder with different take out menus in there and a page of our favorite take out places phone numbers.....this makes them easily accessible when we need them! :)

These pages are from magazines. Cleaning, decorating ideas....stain removal tips etc. Just favorite pages of mine in some of my magazines! I got my idea from THIS blog. Of course, i did my a bit differently but the general idea came from her!

So those are some of my pages of my binder. This pic above though shows my planner. Some people incorporate their daily planner in their binder. I do not. I write my meals for each day in here, chores, bdays, appts, etc all in here! This is a planner i can take places with me and write things in etc. This is just my preference. The binder is big and bulky and i like it just being at home (keeping important info!). Also...HERE is a source for some home notebook printables and ideas. Also...if you google "organizational binder" or something will come up with a lot of great info!!!

So there you have it. I just wanted to share it with you! Do you have a home binder and/or planner? I would love to hear about it! What are some ways you keep organized?


  1. Looks great! I have a home binder and maybe will post pictures of mine soon but Here is a list of what I keep in mine (the list is old and I may update it soon with a new list)


  2. Looks great! Putting my cleaning schedule in writing is a goal of mine for the new year.

  3. You are way too organized!!! Maybe some of it will rub off on me, I need some help in that department :P

  4. I could never be so organized as to have a binder! Not enough time to mess with it... although it looks like a great idea. I can hardly keep track of my day-planner...

  5. This is a huge thing for me with homeschooling and managing the house. Some great ideas katy!! It looks fantastic!


  6. Wow! I so need to do this but well Katy you wanna do it for me? LOL!
    Thanks for all these ideas! I'm so gonna do this.

  7. My trouble is a start out all organized but then I kinda lose it. Every year I end up with a couple diffferent type of planners. I like some of the ideas you have in there!

  8. *****Mandy*****

    that is a great idea ..

    hey where dose that article " the house the practical cleans it self "come from..

  9. That article was from an OLD family circle magazine! LOL

  10. What a wonderful idea! You have everything together you need! I do believe I am going to do this too :)

  11. Your binder looks great!! I just started using one myself this year. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  12. Came over from Sandra's blog. Thanks for the info! I am on my way to creating my home binder. I really enjoyed the links! Have a great week.


  13. YEA! I am so glad you posted this! I am working on mine now. Thanks for letting us look at yours, Katy!


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