Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Mission Trip to Romania!

A group from our church is going on a mission trip to Romania in June. We have a family that attends our church that is from there and is going to take the group over. They will be building a church as well as visiting an orphanage to help at. It is a 10 day mission trip...and although I would love to go...especially to help at the orphanage...those sweet children....I could never leave my kids for 10 days....that would just be WAY too difficult. However....when they announced the husband felt the push to go. He has never been away from us that long before....but I really believe God is calling him to go. We have prayed about it and continue to pray about it!

We have to raise at least $1,000 for him to go. I know we can do it...and I am not worried because I know God provides! :) We will be participating in fund raisers with our church and doing some extra work that we can to earn it. sister has really cute mittens and pottery and things for sale at her etsy shop. And from what she sells, she is donating 10% to Chris's mission trip fund. Every little bit helps and I appreciate her support! (So go check out her may find something awesome to have for yourself and in the meantime be supporting my hubby's mission trip!)

I am 100% supporting my husband on this and am super excited for him. I am excited for everything they will be doing in Romania and the lives that they will touch for Jesus! I ask for prayer for us on this...I have never been away from chris for that long before..and it will be hard for us. However, the blessings totally outweigh the negatives! God hears His people and every prayer sent up is really appreciated by both Chris and I. Thanks so much! :)


  1. Oh katy,I am so excited for you guys!The fundraiser thing is a great idea!I wonder why our church never did that?We have a Jamaca trip every year.A group gets together and stays in a poverty stricken part of Jamaca to bring the Gospel to the children there.I`m sure more people would go if there were funds for them.Something els to bring up!

  2. Oh wow! Romania

    This trip sounds awesome, what a blessing to get the opportunity to go and even help build a church! Make sure he has a camera so you can share his trip:)

  3. chris can take my old digital camera. there is nothing wrong with it... i just got a better one. that way.. if something happens to it... it won't be so bad.

    maybe you should get Cory to go too!!!

  4. Thanks a great cause! Good for you guys!

  5. Wow that is so exciting Katy :)

    I can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. I think that is wonderful!
    I can't wait to hear all about it.

  7. That is very exciting! We have some good friends who are living in Kenya, and are ministering through NMS-International. I am just in awe of those who feel that pull. I'll have to check out your sister's shop!

  8. Thanks soo much everyone!!!! :)

  9. What a great opportunity!

    Ryan and I have been on a few Missions trips to Mexico and Australia, we hope to go as a family someday.

    Be sure and post lots of his pics! How exciting!

  10. How exciting! I have always wanted to do something like that.



  11. Hey how neat. I've been to Romania several times and it's a trip he won't soon forget.
    We are only 8 miles from Romania, so it's not a huge trip for us.
    Praying he has a great trip!


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