Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am reading the book Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy. It is a wonderful story about the shootings in an Amish Schoolhouse in Nickelmines, PA in October of 2006. I am sure you all remember that day. So tragic and sad....and yet...the Amish forgave. Such a loving spirit they have in their community!

So...as I am reading I come to a place where it says that an acronym that is posted in the Amish Schoolhouses is JOY. Jesus first, Others next, Yourself last. WOW!!!! I absolutely LOVE that! Isn't that just incredibly true?? I mean, I already try to do this in my life...but I just never put it together as JOY. But what a great way to remember when you are tempted to do something that is not pleasing to God...just think of JOY and hopefully it will help you make the right decision! Jesus ALWAYS is first. We must always think and put others before ourselves....and then us last. Maybe some of you have already heard that acronym before...but i hadn't and just thought it was lovely and I wanted to share!

If you are interested in reading a little about the Amish beliefs and how they differ from Evangelical Christians...you can go HERE. Well, i haven't finished the book yet...but I really am enjoying it. It is so touching and such a wonderful reminder of love and forgiveness. Has anyone else read this? I would love to hear your thoughts! :) I hope you have a blessed Tuesday!


  1. i haven't read that book yet... but you might have to loan it to me when you are finished. sounds like something i need to read!

  2. I haven't read the book, I didn't even know there was one, but I would love to!

    That is an amazing acronym! I am definitely going to have to implement that in my house...


  3. Sounds like a great book! Have a lovely Wed :) Niki

  4. That sounds like something I might want to read. There is much that we can learn from the Amish. They have such a sense of community and taking care of others in a time of need.

    I saw the JOY acronym posted on a church board around Christmas. Such a great reminder!

  5. Wow... that does sound like a really good book! I saw a documentary on TV recently about this event, and I was amazed at their forgiveness. I hadn't heard of this book...I'll have to find it. I also had never heard of the JOY acronym... :o)


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