Saturday, January 12, 2008

Glow From Your Home!

This is a saying, common on Mary Engelbreit art, as well as on my prayer journal.

Bloom Where You're Planted!

I think this can really be a great quote for some of us stay at home moms. Let me elaborate! :) I used to think that since I was a SAHM that I couldn't touch the world for Jesus. I felt like I couldn't do all the wonderful things He wanted me to do. However, I looked up exactly what BLOOM means and here it is:

  1. To shine; glow.
  2. To grow or flourish with youth and vigor.
And I thought for a moment.....and realized I can glow right here at home...where I am planted. By being a wife and mother God wants me to be, by being a good friend to others, by participating in church and other activities .....I can shine for Him! Even by being at home, we can just set out a luminating glow from our household. We can still be a radiant witness for Christ! I also read the book (from my sister for Christmas) The Secret Life of Becky Miller. It's a really great book and helps us to realize that we CAN bloom where we are planted and still be pleasing to the Lord. Raising our kids to follow Him is one of the greatest jobs we have been given. What a blessing our kids are! :)

A way I try to glow from my home is sending cards out to people. Just totally random. Just a thinking of you/praying for you card. I send to whomever God lays on my heart. I feel this is one way He can use me.

What are some ways you "Glow from your home"? Can you imagine the effect it could have on unbelievers if we had more homes glowing consistently? If you feel like you can't touch others from your are mistaken. I challenge you to recognize that God planted you where you are for a reason and never forget that. Please sign up on Mr.Linky and share with us how you Glow From Your Home! Also...please take a button to add to the sidebar of your blog so maybe we can get more people glowing for Him!



  1. I am not a SAHM, as you know, but I still struggle with feeling inadequate as a witness for Christ. Like you, I enjoy sending random notes and cards to people for encouragement or just thinking of you. At this time in my life, I have to focus on "glowing" at work. I hope to one day be able to GLOW from home as a SAHM like you do.

  2. I also do the same. I just love sending out cards. I used to feel so helpless because as you know sometimes SAHM's can be stuck in the house at times LOL! So I started sending cards. I think this si great Katy. I'd love to find more ways to "glow" from home=)

  3. Wonderful Katy! I'm a SAHM/WAHM and I totally get the stuck feeling, I'm just now finding my outlet to "Glow" from home and share a part of myself with everyone. I added your Button to my blog and my country crafty blog list :) I stop in everyday to read your blog. Your an inspiration to me!

  4. This is amazing! I just discoverd you today and I had the same Bloom post a couple of days ago!
    p.s. I am having a giveaway. Stop by!

  5. "Gosh!!"

    "This is such a Wonderful Idea!!" I strive for this daily to be a Glow in my own little home and to my family. It is so hard daily. Just as we ought to read and pray daily in God's Word. Yes, Only by his might and spirit we Glow and be an inspiration to others around us.

    Can I post this too Katy and have a link right back at you. "This is such a fantastics Idea you have, to spread this "Button!!"

    Thank YOU,

  6. Wonderful Idea Katy!

    I posted this to myspace.

    I send cards, make random phone calls to people. To say the Lord put you in my heart today.

  7. Hey Katy! Well, I am a SAHM and my husband and I have been feeling a calling to help others for a long time now. We don't have a great income so monetarily we can't help much so we are trying to figure out other ways to help. So, once a week I watch kids for mothers who need child care so they can attend NA or other counseling at our church. I also receive WIC checks and use one or two a month to give that food to other families in need. I'd love to do more, so any other ideas would be great!

  8. What a beautiful blog and witness for Christ! I found you through Lea at Farmhouse Blessings. I am a single mom and work outside the home. But for years I was a SAHM and loved it. It is the most worthy calling a woman can have. I will glow from my home and glow at work!!

  9. My husband and I were youth leaders at our church for many years and we have many spiritual children and so we always leave the line of communication open to them whether they call us on the phone or come over and hang out with us. They call on hubby when something is wrong with their cars and he tries to help them as much as he can. We love youth and thats where our hearts lie. But mainly I try to make a welcoming home for my family.

  10. Hi. YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE witness for our Lord AND... reading your post BLESSED ME. Just want you to know ... your light SO shines, and I ENCOURAGE you to keep being an ambassador for CHRIST... - I give glory to God for you today.

  11. I just came across you blog and I'm so glad I did. This whole blogging thing has made me realize what neat people are in the world, just like you. I think sometimes the best thing we can do in this world is to raise strong, good children, and to make our home be a place they are comfortable and want to be, and also want their friends to be. Thanks for the good idea and message.


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