Monday, December 17, 2007

A Winter Wonderland!!!

Here is a view of part of my backyard! Look how thick the snow is!!!

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It is crazy! I was out shoveling cuz M still had school today... she had a 2 hr delay...but the school didn't cancel. I don't know why not though..the roads weren't that great at all and M's bus even got my sweet neighbor offered to take M to school since she was taking her son anyway (and she has 4 wheel drive!). Thankfully...M is safe at school now...but i pray it quits snowing so i know she can get home safely on the bus!


  1. I miss the snow so much, I just love the photo you posted :)

    Hope the snow lets down so the kids can get home safe from school :)


  2. OMG, looks freezing cold there... we hit a low of 45 today in AZ! Hope the kiddos are having fun and enjoying it, it's almost bikini time here again!

  3. this picture is breath taking !!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my Garb-oodles Soup blog. I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas. My blogger address is different from where you visited here
    the blogger addy is my Child's Paper homeschool blog.

  4. Oh how beautiful!!
    It's snowed here but nothing like that & I can't wait for it. I love being snowed in. Well, that is if I have already went grocery shopping LOL! That was really nice of your neighbor though.
    Hope your staying warm & have a great day!!

  5. I love this photo!! It is quite breathtaking. You are so blessed to living there. Too cold for me I must say;-)) I am a spoiled Californian..LOL!! (My hubby would love to live where you live though..he like the cold. "BURRRRR!!")

    "Warm Hugs,lol!!

  6. You guys have a beautiful backyard!! Our looks at the roof of the A-frame we live next door too.. thrilling. :)
    We have tons of snow here too - a white Christmas for sure! Enjoy the beauty!


  7. Wow! Here in Atlanta it MIGHT just spit snow once or twice, and if we are lucky enough for it to stick, you still see grass peeking out the top. I would love it if we had white Christmases. So pretty... My husband (who is from Michigan) always laughs at us Southerners who, at the first sign of a "snow spit," run out and buy all the milk and bread...


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