Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A not so EGG-citing update.....

Well. So we have been lighting the coop some extra hours after sunset for the chickens cuz egg production had slowed to ONE egg a day. I had mentioned it at the bottom of THIS post. Well....nothing real exciting to report....still only getting ONE egg a day. Ugh. I keep thinking maybe they just need more time? I dunno. But we'll keep waiting and hoping to kick production up a bit. I was so used to getting 10 or more a day! I mean, geesh..we have 23 chickens! You'd think we would get more than ONE! I wish chickens understood the phrase "you need to earn your keep". Oh well. I still love having them and they are still "the girls". Maybe they just aren't too fond of all this snow we are getting. I can totally relate with them on that! LOL

OH...and...I have a recipe for "melt in your mouth toffee" that i think i may try to make this afternoon. I have never made toffee before..but the recipe seems simple enough and so I think I am going to try it out! I will be sure to let you know how it goes!

I hope you are all having a GREAT Wednesday!!! xoxo

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  1. I know that when I was getting my eggs from one of the local farms (and even when we raised our own chickens growing up) it seemed that production dropped off a bit during the winter - from 10 to 1 is extreme though!
    That is why I started buying from the health food store - the eggs were still from a local farm, but it was reliable. A girl's got to have eggs in her fridge, right!!

    I am making toffee this Christmas for my neighbor's etc. - for the first time and I am totally excited! I hope your toffee making went really well! Yum!


  2. Oh yum! Definitely let us know how the toffee turns out! I would love the recipe if it is indeed a good one. I have never made it before, but I am trying several new candy recipes this year for Christmas. (I got the stuff to make chocolate-dipped pretzels like yours the other day!)

  3. Nothing like fresh eggs! I really miss my grandparents farm. I will ask my mom to see if she has any production tips for you.


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