Friday, December 28, 2007

My Apple Butter.....

So, I made the apple butter for mine and chris's grandparents for burnt. :( I followed the recipe to a "T"...but it still ruined :( . I was quite bummed. I was looking forward to making the jars all cute etc. oh well :(. So instead, i gave them each a few cookies I had made and pics of the kids and an ornament that M decorated. I am going to have to try the apple butter again sometime though....I really want to learn to make it right :). I would love to hear how any of you had made apple butter? Do you have a recipe? I would love to hear any tips or recipes you guys have on it!!! Thanks so much! :)


  1. Oh I wish I could help but I have not a clue. I LOVE apple butter though so I hope someone comments some easy miracle recipe lol!

  2. To ans. your ques. about homeschooling....

    My kids are still really little so it is not like I 'school' all of them.

    When Lara was 3-4 she would sit on the table and do one worksheet. She liked it. It could be as easy as colouring in the lines...I would sit and play with Erin.

    Now I 'school' them all the time. finding moments in everyday life. I read to them alot, and include them in things. for eg. Lara wrote thank you cards this week, drew the picture and wrote the addresses. That is all the writting experience she needs. She learns to read by that. This year she does not like the worksheets so that is o.k with me.
    If Lara is sitting doing something, I just occupy Erin with something else.
    I only make them sit and do 'school' for maybe an hour a day. The rest of the day I just provide opportunity for them. This year Lara will spent the entire day doing crafts. I just let her go. She has really developed and grown.
    So that is the answer really. Does that help at all?
    Basically if they are fighting I just get them occupied doing other things. That does not always involved either of them sitting at a table.

  3. Sorry your apple butter didnt come out good. Happy New Year!

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