Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lists and Planners!

Are you a list maker? I AM! I make a grocery list (catergorized in the order i will be picking the things up at the store) and I always write down appointments and my "to do" list down in a planner book I have. I would be lost if i didn't write everything down! It helps me stay organized!
Another wonderful thing about making lists is that you can check off things as you accomplish them! That is such a wonderful feeling for me...when I can see how much i have gotten accomplished for the day! :)

I LOVE my planner. It goes just about everywhere with me. It's just a basic 8.5x11 type planner with a black cover. I just like it simple. I like to have it so I have enough room to write in it too! (since i write my chores etc in it). I took a couple pics..but my batteries went dead on me..so I will have to charge them before I will actually be able to load up any pics! I love that my planner can fit right in my M.E. Bag...which if you haven't seen it before..you can see HERE! It looks small in the pic but it is actually 12x12...i like bigger bags! :)

AND...i have to add...today, while I was out with some friends (we had such an awesome day...) we went to Borders and I got THIS book! I thought it looked sooo good and i really want to read it! I will let you know what I think when i am done! :) It's called "90 Minutes in Heaven" By Don Piper. I look forward to reading it! :)

Sorry no pics with this post.....my batteries need charged! I hope you had a fantastic Tuesday and wish you all a super happy Wednesday!


  1. Yes, I do have to agree with you..."need the lists to remeber!!" I think it might be old age or somthing.."ssshhh, don't tell others I am getting there..hee,hee!" Seriouly, can't remeber without my list.

    Let us know about the book,

    Merry Chrit...mas Katy, I don't think I will be posting anytime soon, until after Christmas. (Last minute stuff to do before Sanata comes,..lol!)

    xoxo Jeannene

  2. Hi Katy! I'm w/ya, I'm a planner too.

    Hope you have a great Christmas w/your family!

  3. Lists and planner, definitely for me. I have a palm pilot instead of a planner, but it's just the same for me, everything goes in it! Let us know how the book turns out.

  4. I am definitely a list maker! I have been meaning to get a binder to do a planner for myself... Is yours a storebought ready-made planner or did you do it yourself?


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