Tuesday, December 11, 2007

EGG-citing NEWS!!!

OK, i know i am using the whole "egg-citing" term way too much lately..but it totally fits..don't you think? Anyway...So..we went from getting 10-15 eggs a day down to ONE cuz of the shorter days and cold weather etc....WELL...if you remember how i said we were putting a light in the coop so the chickens lay more during the day....you will know we were waiting to see if that helped. EUREKA! It worked! Isn't that soo fantastic?? Now we are getting about 4 or so a day..but hey...i will take it! That's better than ONE or NONE! LOL

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Now..we didn't get all these in one day..but over a couple days we did...isn't that GREAT?? I am soo thrilled!!! I seriously love owning chickens!


  1. Wanna hear something funny? I actually came to your blog because I suddenly wondered how your chickens were doing LOL! Glad to hear it's getting better:)
    I love this line...EUREKA! It worked!
    Too cute=)

  2. How egg-cellent!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Will be visiting often to get updates. CHEERS!

  3. I could have used your eggs tonight! LOL...I wanted to make cookies tonight but I didn't have any eggs in my refrigerator. So I was bummed...But tomorrow I will definitely start my baking! Happy December!


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