Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Preparation

Wow....only 18 days left till Christmas! This whole year has seemed to fly by to me! WOW! Does it seem that way to anyone else?

I made my toffee the other day. The directions say to let it boil till it reaches 300 degrees. So i did just that...then removed it totally from the heat and poured it over the nuts and chocolate morsels in the pan (as instructed on the recipe). But it still tasted a bit burnt....It isn't horrible..but it isn't really "good" either. I haven't thrown the toffee away yet...cuz i have a hard time discarding something that i took time and ingredients to make! LOL But I take this as a learning lesson and know that next time....not to let it get to 300 degrees...even if the directions say to! LOL

I have had some comments that some of you have planned on (or already done) the chocolate covered pretzel rods that I did! If you have...please leave me a comment here and let me know, i would LOVE to come see pics and hear how it went for you! :)

It is snowing like crazy here. We have SOOOO much snow. I am not a major fan of it though! Here is a pic out of my bedroom window of our backyard....LOL...sorry about the screen..but it is what it is!
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The only good thing about the snow is that it makes me feel cozy in my home...and i DO love that feeling! I have been working on many cross stitch projects lately...but don't want to post them in case the people I am giving them to happen to see my blog! LOL But i will try and remember to post them after Christmas!

I also have been working on wrapping my Christmas gifts! I have only done a few...many more to go...but I AM working on it! LOL that is a PLUS! Here is a pic of the start of my sister's gift...there is more to add to it though :)

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I would also like to do some baking...but wouldn't ya know..i ran out of eggs ( chickens...whole other post...LOL), brown sugar, and am running low on sugar. Those are some necessities when making cookies etc...and grocery day isn't till this coming Wednesday! cookies for us! LOL

Anyway...that's what's been up with me lately and getting ready for Christmas! :) I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!!! xoxo

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  1. Wow, you are like a little "suzie home maker." I love it. I wish we lived closer we can bake together!!

    Have a great day in your lovely SNOW!!

    xoxo Jeannene

  2. Hi Katy,
    I love homemade toffy.My mother made it for years.She passed away last year and did not leave her recipe behind:(But,I made some last year myself for the first time and it came out very good.I wanted to share the recipe with you,but I cannot find it at the moment.When I do,I will either post it here,or e-mail you with it.Have a wonderful,WARM day.Lol!

  3. Have you ever done a commissioned cross stitch piece for anyone? Do you do counted cross stitch? My mom did a beautiful large birth announcement for my son and started a piece for Olivia, but for numerous reasons, I don't believe she will ever finish it for her and I can no longer stitch. (I have had bi-lateral carpal tunnel surgery and still have remaining issues with my hands)If you are interested and would want to "talk" about it after the holidays let me know! I've been looking for someone who can do really tight stitches and knows what they are doing.....I'm sure you fit the bill to a tee!

  4. Sounds like you have it carpal tunnel bad too..... don't let it go as long as I did (2.5 years), there will be permanent damage. We will talk after Christmas, but I absolutely will NOT let you do it for free....especially with your hands going numb, and I am afraid it might have to be a brand new piece since I don't have it in my possession, but I would buy everything for it of course!

    Have a great weekend....I'll let you know how our pretzel sticks turn out!

  5. Aww too bad about the toffee. I love toffee, but I can't have any anyhow. Trying to be real good and it is so hard to do around the holidays. You can send a little of that snow here. We haven't had any yet.

    And thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Sorry the toffee didn't turn out. I love toffee, I might have to try making some.


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