Friday, November 9, 2007

Out with the old.......

We had nasty teal carpet in our living room. It was horrid. It was like that when we moved in. So...the other day my mom suggested that someday we rip it up and see what was underneath. Well...I am the type of person that i get it in me to start a project...and i just do it. LOL I am a woman with a mission. So...yesterday while chris was at work...i started ripping the teal carpet up....wanna know what was underneath it??? MORE carpet!!! And under that carpet was carpet padding that was falling apart. GREEN padding....that was almost a huge amount of dust. Ewww! So chris got home, oh so (NOT) thrilled to see i was on a project spree! LOL And my bro in law came up and helped too. It took a while..but finally we got it all cleaned up and such and there are WOOD floors under there! They need stripped and refinished someday...but for now they are soo much better than the carpet! My mom had bought me this braided rug, last Christmas, i believe....and i had it up in our bedroom...but i brought it down and it works PERFECTLY in our living room. NOW..please excuse the walls. They are horrid...but we haven't redone that room yet and we just work at our house when we have the time and moola!

AND for your viewing pleasure, my sweet hubby sitting in his chair!!! LOL

Today is my mom's birthday!!!! YAY! So we are having a dinner here tonight for her. I have a bunch of sweet decor for the table bought (at JoAnn's on SALE! woot) I will be sure to take pics and update you about it all later!!! Have a WONDERFUL Friday!!! (OH...and i know this is my usually "from the word" friday.....but hopefully i will be able to do that later on!!! :) xoxo

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  1. What an awesome surprise!! I love hardwood floors, even hardwood floors that need refinishing are easier to take care of than yucky old carpet, especially with young kiddos!

  2. I LOVE hardwood floors!

    I'm so excited for you!

  3. We pulled carpets up one time to find wood floors...disgusting and exciting all at the same time. You could have played in the pile of sand we swept up! (Not really, it was gross.)
    I love your blog, it's so cute. I'm also a Mary Engelbreit fan!
    God Bless, Cyndy

  4. How great that you found wood floors. We had found nasty tile when we pulled up the carpet. Yuck!

  5. "More power to you girl!!" You go and rip out that carpet..yeah!! It looks mighty good your floor!
    xoxo Jeannene

  6. I want hardwood floors! That is my dream someday!


  7. In case you ahven't noticed I'm reading your archives:):)
    That braided rug remind me of the book little house an the prarie!! I love your cozy home and you have inspired me to bring our my tablecloths!


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