Thursday, November 29, 2007

O Christmas Tree.....

Last night we got our Christmas tree and we decorated it! I had a perfect evening envisioned....chris was going to be cutting at the meat market (busy deer season) the kids and I were going to eat dinner, then put on christmas music and decorate the tree and have fun..and then make chocolate/sprinkle covered pretzel rods and enjoy the tree together afterwards.

So much for my perfect night! LOL X was a pistol all night. Running around and not listening. M was mouthy at the beginning of the night..but then did a good job helping me with the tree. J kept playing with the stereo volume so christmas music was probably ringing throughout the entire neighborhood! AACK! It was this cold i have...i was kinda crabby to top it all off. We didnt' make the pretzel rods...i wanted to save that for a night that i still had some sanity left in me! LOL wasn't what i envisioned...but alas..the tree is up and decorated and looks pretty! Here is a pic: ( looks SOO much prettier at night! LOL)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket top it all off, i dunno if it is stress or if i am allergic to something..but my face and neck are covered in hives. I look ridiculous! UGH! It is all red, bumpy and itchy and warm to the touch. Oh the fun of winter! LOL I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Can't wait to see your trees!!!! :)

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  1. "OH Katy...what a lovely job!!" It looks like a Model tree. Very beautiful tree you have! Don't you just love it??

    xoxo Jeannene

  2. Your tree looks amazing. I love it!
    I had to laugh at this post though. When you read my post for today you'll know why LOL!!

  3. Forgot to tell ya before...sorry
    Hope you feel better real soon! Moms can NEVER be sick ya now!

  4. Your tree looks very nice.So do the walls in the room you have your tree in.I always like to see how people decorate they`re homes.I`ll have to get my camera working so I can show you mine!
    Sorry to hear you are not feelong well.I said a prayer for you!Have a great day!

  5. So pretty! We haven't done our tree yet, we spent most of last weekend dealing with the other decorations I'm all decorated out. The kids are still fighting over who's turn it is to sleep with the singing rudolph we bought from walmart a few years ago. Poor santa and abominable one wants to sleep with them. Hopefully we can get it done this weekend without too much hollering going on..... :)

  6. Wow! You are awesome with a Christmas tree! I love the ribbons - gorgeous touch!

    I hope you are feeling better - sounds like you were pretty uncomfortable!



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