Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Challenge For You!

If you are reading this...know God has led you to this post...right here and right now. I have a challenge for everyone who reads this post. And here it is....

First of all...i am TIRED of people saying Christians are hypocrites. We aren't perfect....but we know we are forgiven. A true Christian walks the road they are suppose to and does the best they can constantly praying and repenting through the journey of life. However...there are many christians who ARE a lot of talk...but none of the walk...if you know what i mean. Sometimes we are talking the talk...but failing to walk the walk....even when we don't mean to. It can happen so gradually or unnoticed by us at first....but others around us may notice.

Don't be one of those people that makes the hypocrite comments valid. This is not always an easy thing to do. Actually....it is usually a hard thing to do. To always do the right thing and say the right thing. Sometimes we don't even know what the right thing is! Stay in prayer and constantly seek Jesus everyday! He will always light your path! Scripture is a wonderful place for guidance...even on modern situations!

So...as I am sure many of you have heard this statement before..here is my challenge in a nutshell: If you TALK the TALK, make sure you WALK the WALK!

I do not sit here in judgement of anyone...for I have my own things to work on! This was just something laying on my heart that I felt urged to share. Maybe someone reading this really needed to hear this right now....know that God is speaking to you. God loves you and only wants what is best for you. I desire to be an encourager to people. I want everyone to know how valuable you truly are and to encourage you to let your light shine in every move you make!

If you need prayer....please feel free to let me know..i would be honored to pray for you! xoxo


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  1. AMEN my dear friend!
    Everyone is human we ALL make mistakes from time to time. It's what we take from those mistakes & change them that makes us all better people. I will certainly take this challenge with you!
    Wouldn't the world be such a better place if everyone walked the walked...together!

  2. I totally agree Courtney!!! Thanks! :)

  3. What a great challenge! I completely agree with you. The "words" are easy, it's the "works" that show our true character. I'll definitely take the challenge with you!


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