Friday, September 7, 2007

A start to my ramblings....

So, i thought it was about time i set up a blog for myself. A place where i can talk about my loves (Chris, my kids, my Lord, art, organization and country style decorating) and express myself freely! I have really been working on my home organization lately and have really been making awesome progress with things! I will post pictures of things and just blog my life here!

I am a 20-something wife to a wonderful man, Chris. We are Christians with strong values and beliefs. We have three beautiful children, who I homeschool. I enjoy being a stay at home wife and mother! I am a self proclaimed farm girl....although the only actual farm animals we have are chickens. :) We also have 3 dogs and a cat. I enjoy knitting and gardening, baking and reading. I spend time daily reading my Bible and in prayer. We bought an older home and are continually working on improvements to it! It's a fun...but long journey! :) I truly enjoy the simple things and am so thankful you have come to share in my life with me!

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