Thursday, July 16, 2020

"Trust in the Lord and do good...

...dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture."

Psalm 37:3

May I recommend, if you feel a burdened heart and heaviness in your spirit because of the chaos in the world Psalm 37. I read it last night and found it so encouraging. Our Lord is sovereign...which means He is in control. We can rest in that! 

The Lord makes firm the steps
 of the one who delights in Him; 
though he may stumble, he will not fall, 
for the Lord upholds him with His hand.

Psalm 37: 23-24

Our garden is growing well. I'm really excited about the corn! It's growing quickly...these pics were taken a few days ago and already the corn is taller! It will only be enough for a couple meals....nothing to can or freeze...but that's ok. It will still be fantastic to eat something we grew! We've already eaten some of the green beans from our garden and they were delicious! How is your garden growing? 

This picture is from my it's not the best quality...but Chris made us a dutch door for between our living room and kitchen! We still have to figure out how we want to do the latch for the door...but for now, here it is! I love it! :)

I love this walkway when the hosta is grown and in bloom...

Just a quick picture of Jaxson (he's 14 now!). He has had to get can see them on the top of his head below ;) ....

Xavier did 4H this wasn't too thrilling though considering all the COVID lockdowns and restrictions...but he raised his sheep (he named him Stymie). He is showing him tonight and the auction is tomorrow! I hope it goes well!

I have been busy today with laundry, washing bedding, feeding the chickens, etc. I need to get to the gym soon and a friend is dropping off cookies for our homeschool co-op's formal we're having on Saturday. Many moms have offered to make cookies to donate which is fantastic. (My mom and I are doing the rest of the food and decorations. Some of the moms have offered to come help me iron tablecloths too! That sounds so boring...but oh, what a help that is! We are hoping to make it a nice time for the kids!) ....later today I have to get food to prepare for the formal and then have Xavier's 4H show this evening! I wanted to pop on and try to keep up with posting though! :)

Madelyn turned 19 earlier this week! She had the day off work so I took her to lunch and we had a nice time! It was nice just to visit together...sometimes I feel like we miss each other since she works a lot now. Xavier works a lot too....and Jaxson has been helping a lot at my dad's garage as well. He likes working on VWs and my dad has some in there that need attention. I feel like I'm starting to already suffer from empty nest syndrome! Ack! I love watching my children grow...but oh how I miss when they were little! I feel incredibly blessed to have watched them grow into teenagers/young adults. I know this is how it goes....God intends for us to grow and mature! But, I sure do miss them being wee and playing make believe! All seasons of life are such a gift.

I need to get going! I have much to get done today! I hope you are well! Thank you for stopping to visit! I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!



  1. it is very good to read your post again blessings

  2. I am also reading alot in the Psalms here lately in this crazy world and time today.
    We have been harvesting corn, squash, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers. I am loving it.

  3. Love the door! I think an old glass or metal door knob on a plain/aged piece of wood would look awesome on the door, or even just a piece of plain/aged good on a nail, turning it to keep it shut-sorta like what were on outhouses long, long ago! But I'm confident whatever you decide to do for a handle/closing mechanism will look great - post pictures please. :)


  4. I am glad you are back to blogging again. Your blog was always one of my favorites. So hard to believe your daughter has graduated.
    Thank you for Psalm 37. There is so much going on in the world that is scary.
    I was wondering if you still use Christian Light for curriculum? Or do you use other curriculum for your boys? Would you recommend Christian Light and find that it was effective?
    Thanks, Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny!! Thank you for your kind words! :) I don't use Christian Light for math anymore. We did for many years...and it was really good. But I found that it included a LOT of extra work. My children spent most of their school time on was almost defeating to them. It was tedious. I think it is a good curriculum and very thorough...but my boys especially struggled with it as they got older because it was so much work. We have been using Life of Fred lately for many different things and the boys have enjoyed it so much more! It incorporates things into a story and makes it all "make sense"! I feel like it has made it a better learning experience for them! :)


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